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Actually what I came on this site to get ideas for so will ask on here  Need something to cover the horrid messy leaves once they go over. They are planted in dry dappled shade under a magnolia tree...Also need to be rabbit and deer resistant!


I've got Japanese anemones planted near mine - the foliage grows up about the time that the snowflakes finish.  I think Honorine Joubert would be happy and  look good under a magnolia, they enjoy dappled shade and the flowers would sing out there.

Don't know about rabbit and deer resistant, but there's not a lot that eats them in my experience 

Let's see what the others suggest .... 

Variegated periwinkle would do well there too....beautiful foliage and blue flowers.  However you could plant vinca minor too.  Periwinkles have showy white flowers too and spread as the Japanese anemones do.


Thanks for suggestions. Area is pretty large so might use both. 


Geranium macrorrhizum, comes in at least 3 shades of pink plus white which isn't so robust, good in shade, bulbs come through it, doesn't get tall and fall over like some geraniums

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