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I have a clump of alliums which are starting to go over, i usually leave the heads on but as the foliage dies back they look tatty. I would like to plant something at their base for them to grow through that will look attractive from now. Any ideas?


I have various clumps of Alliums that have wandered about themselves. They are growing through clumps of Monarda, a Hardy Fuchsia, Geums, Dlephiniums and Echinacea, so when they begin to look tatty I snip them off just above the other plant.

Thanks backardee i will try one of those

Mine push up through just about any herbaceous perennial, but are particularly nice through alchemilla mollis as they flower lime green under the purple alliums, or through persicaria 'dimity' as that flowers well after the alliums are gone, extending the flower power in that spot. I also like them with large ferns, and find they tolerate a bit of shade so long as the ground isn't soggy. Pretty with paeonies and also roses. The world's your oyster really.

Thanks for your advice auntie betty. Not heard of persicaria does it have another name?

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