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A friend has sent me a photo of a flower which comes from a tree and is scented. Does anyone know what it is, please?



It might be the foxglove tree, Paulownia?


Could be Paulownia tomentosa


 I've never seen one in real life but they look marvellous.



I have seen them flower in the Med and in South Africa. The scent was Almond like to me. I do a good job of killing them in my garden.


Gosh that was quick! Thank you. I don't know it at all.


I like the wikipedia entry that tells of the early Chinese porcelain exporters using the seedheads as a sort of bubblewrap. The seedheads burst in the countries that the porcelain was exported to and the trees occur along railway lines from back in those days. A bit of a pest now apparently in the States.

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