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kassie green

Please can anybody tell me what type of tree this is?

would i be able to get a cutting from it and grow another one?





Picture isnt showing up sorry :P

Hi kasee

I think it may be a hardy fushcia - cant remember the name sorry! - I imagine that you could easily take some soft wood cuttings - take plenty then maybe one will survive!

good luck xx


kassie green

I thought it might have been, however the flowers are really different to that of a fushcia - please see image just added - 



Could it be a phygelius? Mins is similar but different colours.

kassie green

I think its a Escallonia rubra macrantha after some research into them. I have taken some cuttings i will see if they grow/root

I would agree on escallonia. An additional suggestion would be to try layering a branch,anchor it down with a stone, hopefully by next season it will have rooted

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