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I don't know if this is a huge longshot but in the image included I am wanting to create the effect of this tree to the left of the door.

I was wondering if anyone knew what type of tree this was? I presume this also has something growing up it like a clematis but I may be wrong so advice would be greatly appreciated!

I'm very much a novice so any information/advice is welcome!

Thank you



I don't think it is a tree but could be the climber Trachelosperum jasminoides.  Does it have white flowers?

It might be one of those standard type bays with 3 stems that are woven together as it grows.

Very difficult to tell as we can't zoom into the photo (upload a larger one if you can), but judging by the twisted stems and growth habit, my guess would be Wisteria.

Does is have flowers, and if so, can you describe them?

I can't sorry - I was after inspiration for two trees outside my front door and came across this so the photo here is all I have.

I will look into any suggestions so thank you for your responses.



I agree with the fact that it looks very much like climber of some sort, it's searching as opposed to hanging. looks like it has purple flowers too.


Could the one in your photo be a solanum crispum? It has rounder clusters of flowers than wisteria and oval leaves. May need winter protection but should be OK on a South wall. Here is a photo of a vigorous one in full flower.


That is very stunning, would there be any risk with that of it attacking the bricks and mortar? I'm sorry if this is an obvious question but as stated I'm very much a novice!

Thank you


I've just noticed the house seems to be called "Fig Tree Cottage."  Might be a clue, but not sure it looks like a fig to me?


Hello Bob, think you must mean to the right of the door, looks like a hydrangea. One on the left of the door isn't a fig. Pretty cottage.


Hi Lizzie, I'm sticking to Wisteria as I mentioned originally.  It's just that I noticed the name above the door - presumably there's a fig somewhere in the garden.  Agree - lovely cottage - would suit my style of gardening down to a tee!

Looks like jackmanii clematis to me by the flowers and the growth out from the top

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