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Hello everyone its me again, with the same sort of problem. Can anyone identify the tree or shrub in the photo below? It stands about 2 feet tall. Any advice welcome




Is it scented? Looks like a Sarcococca.

Need a better old eyes aInt wot they used to be .....but it doesn't look like sarcoccoca to me.  


I agrre with verd, can yoh take a close up of leaf and flower.


if you click on the picture, it should open into a new window, where you can zoom super large on the plant, the white flowers are long trumpets, and the leaves look glossy and slightly spiky round the edges, however, I don't recognise the plant / know wot it is myself - sorry.



best guess on a poor pic. Osmanthus, ?burkwoodii


It does not lok like a Sarcococca to me, but I do not know what it is.

Here are some more photos. Thanks for your help. Id say out of the suggestions it looks alot like the Osmanthus Burkwoodi.





I'm not sure about those serrated leaves Andrew. i'll have to have a look at mine.


My first thought was Osmanthus b'woodii - but mine doesn't have such serrated leaves. They're not so oval either - more lance shaped. Still, Osmanthus some sort would be my best guess. 


Mine are a bit serrated but not as much as that. Not really sure mine isburkwoodii, I bought it cheap with no label

I'll do some research if no-one does a definite ID


Here's mine. It was definitely burkwoodii. Leaves have tiny serrations which you can see when you enlarge:


Osmanthus delavayi is what I meant when I said Sarcococca. Senior moment!


Think you have it lg. I did a google- definitely looks like delavayi 

Thats great thanks very much for your help. i have a couple more in the garden that i'm not entirely sure what they are, and could do with all your expertise! I'll post pictures up soon. Many thanks.


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