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Hi I have 2 house plants that are in plastic pots inside bigger ceramic pots Can i just repot them straight into the ceramic pots and what type of compost should i use ? One is a dragon plant not sure of the other but both are looking good and have reached 4-5ft Any tips on keeping them in good condition and type of compost to use would be much appreciated. Thanks Mike.
Green Magpie

You can do this, but you need to think about drainage. If there are no holes in the ceramic pots, you'll need something like broken crocks in the bottom to create a space for any excess water. Also, the plants will lose more water, as ceramic pots are porous.

And be aware that once they're directly planted in the ceramic pots, they'll be more difficult and heavy to move around, as you can't remove the inner pot + plant.

I am not so sure about the compost, but I would guess that a mix sold for pots and hanging baskets would be best. It may depend on the requirements of those particular plants. Me, I'd just use mulit-purpose if I had some to hand.

Thanks for both replies
The pots are glazed but thanks anyway
I will use the multi purpose i used in a couple of hanging baskets i am trying
This is my first year i have ever had a garden and its all new to me.
Thanks again and i'm sure i'll have lots more questions.

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