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Years ago I remember my parents having blue plants and white ones along the front of their borders. They only grew to about 4 inches high and they looked really pretty.It seemed the fashion at the time as many other people had them.Can anyone remember what they were as her indoors is driving me mad to plant them next year.


White allysum & blue lobelia, my parents had them for years. Plus African & French marigolds, not together I would add.


Is there a Lobelia that only grows small as the lobelia I  currently have is about 12 inches long.


Must be or I've lost the plot I'm sure someone will know.

nodflisab-did you buy bush or trailing lobelia? By the sound of it, you got trailing, which will grow long, whereas bush will form a neat compact mound. 

It was classic in the 60's& 70's to grow allysum(white) & lobelia (Cambridge Blue was light blue) or dark - can't remember the variety planted by the edge of path/lawn. Then along came white, mauve, etc varieties- they were mostly for hanging baskets.

Behind would be red salvia, French marigolds and busy lizzies. African marigolds were often planted too, to give height.

 Hope this helps.




nodlisab I'm in a rush at min, but Google lobelia cardinalis small


Yes, Don't forget the red salvias , in a straight line like soldiers.


Ageratums were small blue mounds too, with fluffy heads.


Thanks everyone for your help,decided to go for Lobelia erinos cambridge blue and alyssum snow carpet.

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