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star gaze lily

Lavande, just wondered if you have chosen what you would buy with your gift of £30    


A deep red camelia with dark green waxy leaves ,so beautiful and showy, but so easy to grow,perfect for our climate


Yes Stargaze!! Thank you 

I was going to wow you with the done deed ie in full bloom but I suppose that could be a few months away yet
To be honest I splurged and overspent but it was a lovely day of indulgence.I bought:a dahlia 'lilac shadow' and a dahlia 'hartenaas', three packets of small bulbs: sparaxis, freesias and babianas. I've planted the freesias and the babianas so don't have the packet to put in the photo. I can't plant the others until next month.

They were all unbelievably cheap especially the dahlias which were only 2 euros each.In addition, I bought some seeds: tomatoes, red basil, parsley, peppers, coriander and mint and you can see them coming up nicely (three of the empty spaces are my bird of paradise seeds – which I've actually had for a couple of years and finally planted – so far they haven't put in an appearance).

So I got all this for under 20 euros in Carrefour's garden centre and on the way home – still with some money burning a hole in my pocket, I went into a lovely little garden centre and couldn't resist the little plant stand that the packets are on in the photo – I also succumbed to a string of exquisite fairy lights in the style of white metal wire balls for the conservatory. My £30 gift may have cost me quite a bit more but it also included a great day out because I had such a lovely time. As for what I bought, well, everything can come with me should I move so I will always have them to treasure (well apart from the herbs which we'll have devoured).

I haven't heard of the soil maker Edd - I will have to do some research on that - it sounds intriguing....and Lindy no please don't encourage me, that sounds too tempting


star gaze lily

Wow, you did buy a lot, lol. Sounds like a good day out. Glad you had such a lovely time and bought lots of memorable items. Table looks lovely. I'm still haven't got my garden statue, i've seen a few i like but thought i'd wait till the weather got a little better. All cost more than £30 but that does' nt  matter. Have bought quite a few plants for the garden in recent weeks--- spent more than £30 tho too lol

Look forward to seeing pics of your purchases once they have grown.


A "kelly" kettle, not directly a gardening tool but would provide me with that essential gardening staple a nice hot cup of tea while we're at work on the allotment.

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