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Highland Jeannie

That's just showing-off Matt!!

Those chrysanths are stonking, you must have looked after them really well! I try not to grow anything that's not hardy, but I do like that pink one.


David Matthews2

 Besides hardy fuchsias, hebes and the odd late rose, I also have the timely re-flowering of Clematis "Freckles" in a particularly sheltered, south-facing courtyard - very enjoyable over the next 3-4 months in an average winter

*Being coastal in far West Wales has its advantages!!


Bit of a concern - my 'overwintering' broad beans are in flower ...... not much if anything about to pollinate them .... seed planted mid October ... maybe too early down here in the SW....... don't suppose they will do much good now?

Heather Michaels

I've still got Geraniums flowering at the moment. Suspect it won't be for much longer though. Getting very very cold now. We had our first frost of the year this morning and the forecast for the next week is colder and colder with overnight temps dropping into minus figures by mid next week. Brrr. Not looking forward to it. Nor to the lack of any flowers. I really need to get my border sorted with some flowering plants for next autumn and winter.

dannyson wrote (see)

Bit of a concern - my 'overwintering' broad beans are in flower ...... not much if anything about to pollinate them .... seed planted mid October ... maybe too early down here in the SW....... don't suppose they will do much good now?

Well, you'll be unlikely to get beans from those flowers, but as soon as you get cold weather they'll stop flowering and slow down with the growing, then in the spring they'll get going again.  Maybe in the early spring give them a bit of potash to encourage more flowering.

I think I'd give each plant a cane as if they've grown that much already they might get bashed about in the winter.



Thanks for that 'dovefromabove' .... yes - they are in tubs so have already given support ...... be interesting to see what happens...:-}

In spring I sowed some seeds into an old bath tub. I chose hot colours and hoped for a wonderful display. Marigolds, nasturtiums  and tagetes. I was a bit worried about the tagetes as after I'd sown them i read the instructions (yes, I know...) and they said I should have done them into a seed tray and planted them out once they'd got to a decent size. Ho hum.

The tagetes did really well and flowered for most of the summer. So much for the instructions. Only two nasturtiums came up and they flowered for about a week. All the marigolds grew but did they flower? Did they heck! All summer I kept looking, and hoping. When October came and went I rather gave up hope but what do you know, they have finally begun to flower. I have told them they are a bit foolish as it is November and quite cold but they carry on, and I'm enjoying their bold colour.


Got honeysuckles in full flower over an archway.  Lovely scent 

I've bellis in flower, bought as small plants to flower next year  and primula's, old stock from last year which have a few flowers on. Keep checking on my clematis Cirrhosa climbers but not a hint of a flower bud yet. I've an evergreen shrub too which flowers in December, can't remember it's name, it looks tropical with big leathery,forked  leaves, the flowers are poisonous .      


After having done nothing all summer I have a hardy fuchsia flowering it's little heart out.  I hope it doesn't turn too ccld yet as I still want to enjoy it.

Verdun - I saw a wild honeysuckle doing the same as yours on my walk today.

nutcutlet - Yes. it is a Fatsia, it's looking a little pale at present but buds are forming. 


Fatsia japonica flowering 17.11.13




How hardy are Fatsia. I lost mine and blamed the cold but was I wrong?


Hardy nut. I've grown them here in Scotland with no problem but maybe prolonged severe frost would do for them. Mine were in a shady corner with house walls or fences behind them. I've planted one in this new garden under the front windows- north west (ish) facing. I'll let you know!



The one in the picture is approx' 15 yrs old. It lived first 4 yrs in pots and finally a big pot due to house moving and overwintered in a cold GH. Been in situ since, faces SE but shaded by apple tree in summer, and not overly exposed to winds.

Baby fatsia now in GH in a pot for it's 3rd year, only because it doesn't have a home yet. This was a self set that I found elsewhere in the garden. I find them hardy when a few years old, not had probs with mine in Yorkshire. Wouldn't expect probs if they are hardy in Scotland  


My Fatsia,similar in size to yours KEF,also in flower.

Mine is about 20 years old,and apart from removing old leaves,it has never had any problems even in hard frosts/snow,it looks a bit sorry for itself for a few days and then recovers.

In my unheated greenhouse Bird of Paradise plant is in full flower,never had that this late before.


Never had or seen a Bird of Paradise plant, will look it up, but sounds beautiful. Gilly is this your fav?


One of my favourites KEF,it is a striking plant,with orange blue and cream in the flowers and spiky leaves.Bit worried about it being in flower thsi late though,we have had it about 30 years and it has never flowered this late before.

Strelitzia is the proper name I think.

Salvia leucanthemum.......looking sperb.  5' high and wide and full of lilac and white flowers