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Gilly, lovely from pics. Fingers crossed for over winter. Maybe Verdun will come and take it to Cornwall if you leave cake o/s greenhouse.

I forgot to mention in my post a week back, we have some fuscias in a hanging basket that are thriving now that the weather has turned cold and wet.  During the summer they really suffered in the heat!


Thanks all for the reassurances re Fatsia hardiness. I'll  give one another try.

Hey KEF, I'm not easily bought by a piece of cake......I resemble the insinuation 



I had some raspberries today. Normally by now they have gone mouldy, but as its been dry they were fine. Not as good flavour as the the June ones but hey...

I cut off the last of the Salvia patens flowers heads today. This year I have lifted some and potted them for the greenhouse, hoping to get bigger and earlier plants next year. I have saved seed as well.

Stokesia is still flowering,and the Viburnum bodantense dawn is flowering well.



Salvia mystic spires with a few penstemon. Nasturtiums still holding their own. Cyclamen, kaffer lilies, geranium, osteospernum. That's about it but still looking lovely in the sunshine. 









 Will it ever stop ????

will winter ever really arrive ?????


 Fresh from the garden.

We still have a lovely show of Anne Boleyn roses.

Have a wall of solanum album in full flower.  Delicious!  And osteospermums too looking good.  

we had a heavy frost last week but i still have Roses and Salvias and Geraniums flowering . I also have a large variegated fatsia that I rescued for 50p some 15 years ago full of flower spikes at the moment


Because Monty said I should in the last GW program (not to mention the fact it was the last green waste collection weekend of the year and my compost bins are already heaving)  I've taken all the cosmos et al out of the back garden and replaced it with wallflowers and bulbs ready for the spring, but it felt really bad pulling out flowers that were still blooming.  I still have an awful lot of roses in bloom at the moment and the bright orange of the chinese lanterns is very vibrant now the backdrop is mainly greens and browns. In the front garden though, which is south-facing and very sheltered, I still have trailing surfinia, dahlias and holyhocks in full bloom which looks lovely with the masses of white bacopa that is back to full flowering again.  I've moved my begonias into the greenhouse to avoid the frost because they are also still fully in flower and it would be sad to curtail that prettiness too soon.


Mac just checked your location as our last green bin day has gone!!  Love the cat photo, beautiful cat.

This should be flowering, a shame not to show it.


Stingy councils you two have. Here in Havering the only week they don't collect the green bin is Christmas week.


We never get any collections. 


The rose, 'Compassion', is still flowering Also annual Lavatera is limping along. Lobelia are finally succunbing to the cold.



There's a lot of flowers still, salvias, chrysanths, cyclamen, nicotiana sylvestris, afew crocosmia, some sort of dianthus that I'll have to try and ID, nerines. We haven't had a proper frost yet

Look what I found in a neglected corner!

 It's Liriope muscari, I had forgotten it was there. It obviously likes it in its rather dark, sheltered corner, but it needs moving to be appreciated.

Hiya landgirl

I think liriope is a little under rated.  As ??ou said, yours was in a dark corner almost forgotten.  Mine too are planted in such spots but will prob do much better in the open.     a few spikes on mine too at the moment.  I may just move mine too 


Still trying hard....

A little strangled winter jasmine


Love this but will have to look its name up again.


Just keeps going and going...


Not a fan of these hellebores but since I have learnt there are some pretty ones out there I will be open to suggestions...


Last of the rudbekias just won't give up....


Perhaps we should now start a new thread for for those just waking up Like these...

And these...









My Penstemon still has a couple of small flowers on it :P

Nothing else of note really, waiting for all the bulbs to pop up!