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How many flowers are still on the go as the year passes... In my garden I still have the following in flower... Kaffir pillows Coreoosis Gusts Salvia mystic spires Cosmos Penstemon Campanula Nasturtium Osteoapernum Geranium Cyclamen Fushia Michaelmas daisies Salvia hot lips Lavertera Rudbekia Wow I quite enjoyed that... What has everyone else got in flower, planning a good late show next year...

Dahlias, in spite of the -2 and a frost the other day, cyclamen, Busy-Lizzies in the sheltered places, hardy fuschias, pink gaura, lavatera, zinnias still have flowers but looking a bit sad around the stems, osteospermum, black-eyed Susan, gaillardia, a blue salvia patens, the nasturtiums that seeded themselves, geranium Rozanne, cosmos, a few roses, violas and pansies.

BL my blackeyed Susan and blue salvia patens gave up a while ago.

Salvia Amistad still in full flower and has been since May.  Miscanthus, dahlias, some agastaches, cannas, osteospermums, anemone wild swan, honeysuckles, jasmine, coreopsis, penstemons, dianthus, some heleniums, echinaceas, Heucheras, a couple of geraniums......Elke, looking superb, and Orion.......aster frikartii monch, two varieties of astrantia, argyranthemum varieties, and salvia leucanthemum. (this looks superb right now at a height of 5')


I have a stokesia still in flower, and a white cosmos still struggling on, and a couple of dahlias still flowering.

 Cannas in pots and lifted Salvia patens still flowering in greenhouse.


Verdun, I think I have the last one too, it the tall white daisy?

No mrs garden.

Its a lilac and white flowered salvia. ...just a variety of salvia.  For me its pretty hardy.  You are right though...leucanthemums are daisy plants.  I grow a particularly lovely variety called Broadway Lights ....not now in flower though.


I have the broadway lights variety but it only flowered once this year. I dont think I cut the flowering stems down far enough after the first flush

I have sedum, cosmos, ox-eye daisy and ammi visnaga still in flower but the garden is looking sorry for itself generally.


I do have Coreposis, Penstemon, Chocolate Cosmos, Some Bedding Geraniums and Fuchsias, Japanese Anemones just finishing.

hollie hock

There's a few that's still going, hard to believe as we are now into November. Cosmos are still great, snapdragons, clary sage, statice, rudebekias, penstemons, sweet rockets, evening primose, few feeble sweet williams and  the bowles mauve wallflowers

Long may the mild weather continue.

Matt if you see this I sent you a pm, don't think they are working properly, but I'm moving and can't take the garden with me

Cosmos, a few dahlias,  one clematis which i can't remember name of. Catsear, scabious, zinnia and the winter pansies I planted last week. Not alot though. I need to find a few a few later flowering plants for next year. I'm a bit of a beginner realky regarding seasonal plants etc!


My gem koi is still going strong as of yesterday so was my dahlia as I cut them back also Geraniums and Fuchsias are still going strong also a flower I can't remember the name of so I will have to get back to the thread later with the name. self setting Viola are also flowering if fact it's not stoped flowering since I put them in, I planted these up in july cut them back in September and pulled them up about five weeks ago as they there killing my Rosemerry but a lower pot with spent herbs started to flower with these viola and only cost me £1.25

winter hanging baskets are flowering well 


White Sweet Rocket, Cyclamen hed. alba, pink japanese anemones, some White Swan echinacea just hanging in there, geranium Rozanne, White Campion, some rosa Mayflower, Sedum spectabile Autumn Joy and another sedum I don't know the name of, and loads of violas and pansies 


I forgot my sedums, Autumn Joy included.



Will certainly have cosmos again next year. Mum's got japanese anemonies looking brilliant as well, Dove. Sara4, love the sound of clematis still flowering, must have a look for some. Never been sure about sedum though.

Geum totally tangerine now flowering again....lovely orange gems.  And pennisetum villosum with its huge white caterpillar flowers is looking good.

....just said, on hello FORKERS, that it's fine. ,well, it's pouring with rain now. 

Oh, fuschias of course.    Hardy Genii, snowcap and some tender varieties


got your message hollie


cyclamen, penstemon, fuchsia, verbena bonariensis, gaura, anemone, chrysanthemum, red hot poker, orange buddleia, sedum, geranium. There was a red flowering sedum I saw at Great Dixter once, but didn't get the name. Anyone have an idea which sedum it could be?

This is my first post on here and I'm so pleased to say that after 2 years of trying to get some later flowering plants going I have - coreopsis,sedum aj,toadflax,white Japanese anemone, clematis freckles(early I think), guara , abelia, wallflowers, osteospermum, red and pink and some candy penstemon ,white cosmos just keeps going,verbena bonariensis, pelargonium in a basket,hardy fusia and another one that's not hardy, and a self seeded tiny flowered chrysanthemum . Wow I got really exited then.