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Sorry Lizzie, just seen your question. Yes they are poppies.


The star in my garden is the harvest I picked this lot this evening.



Lets hope you can eat all that Marion


There are tons more.  Lots will go in the freezer and be given away.  Much already has been.  I put my good health down to the produce I grow and eat.  Just had too plums with my coffee!  Very sweet this year because of all the sun,  I am hoping if this good weather contiues my grapes will be too.  I have never seen so many.


gardenning granny

Always a pleasure to read Happy Marions contributions!  Yes the apples on one of my ancient trees are ready for picking - I only wish |I knew what variety they are - but they keep indefinitely. I will start filling my boot with bags of apples to give away - these old trees produce sufficient for the whole village.

My greenhouse is full of grapes too - will have to do a bit of winemaking, methinks.

I also have a vibrant pot of three bright orange and red begonias - bought cheap, planted late, and flowering their socks off - completely outshine the geraniums which are also abundant this year (and that's after flowering all winter in my unheated lobby.)



The star in my garden right now?  Me.  I've picked loads of runner beans and they're going to the foodbank In a mo.  it's been a generous summer....the weather, the crops the flowers......and another hot glorious day today. And I'm picking  up another anemone wild swan's in a 3 litre pot for £12.50 apparently full of buds and flowers......from a local nursery who sourced it for me.  (it seems only tiny plugs are available at the moment)

the real star this year has been the sun.  


I'm glad the foodbank is accepting fresh veg. There must be lots of people who would contribute excess fruit and veg to the food bank, but when I read up on it, it said cans and dried goods only.

Couple of things that are still going well.

Gazania's dont know when to give up.



 And the sweet peas climbing up a trellis and the neighbours conifer



 The leaves on them are looking fairly sorry for themselves now, but it keeps flowering


This little fella was the star in my garden yesterday. He was on my Zinnias for ages


 And my Gertrude Jekyll Rose has started flowering again. What a Fragrance!


The potty gardener

Lovely fruit Marion.

Singy what wonderful Gazanias.

Don't blame that butterfly Mattbeer

Verdun you are right- the sun has been a real star this year.

Apple blossom in fall while the others are ripening.  Must be a late starter....


A few weeks ago it would have been the Magnolia flowering for the second time.

Close runner up is the walnut tree.  Still plenty of nuts despite the grey vermin.


This is also a star at the moment purely because there are SO MANY bees on it




Great pics everyone, love the Buddha.

My under gardener is my star today... 


Mrs G - he is a role model for undergardeners everywhere! And your borders are looking lovely too


Sunflowers are the stars at present and most are multi headed, I can't wait for them to go over. They were planted for the wild life and  are dwarf to about 4 or 5ft, or so the packet said, 'NOT', more like 6 or 7ft. Bee's and caterpilllars have loved them, I've cut a few for indoors and the saved seeds will be for the birds over Winter with a few seeds to regrow again in the Spring or at least that's the plan.    


 Phlox, I didn't think it would flower this year then they all arrived at once.



Mrs G.. they love playing withe the hosepipe.. mine does for sure always willing to do that bit

the star in my garden at mo is mr gorgeous white and pink neapolitian cyclems. i ahve a old grandma one which is about 2 years old and i av lots of small ones flowering for the first time this year as i grew them from seeds and are 2years old now..


The star in my garden right now are my Chrysanthemums

 Especially as they spend most of lives in shade (novice gardener, planting error!) They have 2 sister plants which are getting there but not flowered yet