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hollie hock

Glad the poppy is now in flower KEF Still got some colour going on, rudebekias, a few snapdragons, clary sage and the verbenas bon. Enjoy your new composter Sarah, mines called monty


I bought this little Tiarella recently- 'Cygnet' to go in a shady border. 

Lovely foliage and flowers


KEF, I also grow  miscanthus  Gold Bar.  It's an improvement on Zebrinus being more compact and more vivid horizontal bars on the leaf.  I grow both but I prefer the newer one.   To grow grasses you clearly have excellent taste KEF 

Fairy, I'm beginning now to like tiarellas a lot more now. I grow skyrocket and pink bouquet.  Must get few more.  Yours looks happy there 


Woody, woody, woody!   Grasses are such wonderful plants creating subtle gentle movement, structure and height.  Try a you will become addicted to them.  Try a deschampsia ....medium height with billowing flower heads all Summer.

Been meaning to ask you if you would start a thread about alpines woody.  I'm sure it would be well received. 


I don't do grasses either. Verdun won't be shocked, he knows already! Only one I like, a red pennisetum, died. I like flowers in flower beds.


polyanthus still doing their best to brighten a dull patch.


Woodgreen wonderboy

The problem with grasses for me is that I didn't think of them when I designed the various beds/layout. I think they need careful thought when using in your design, not just plonking them in a gap that you might have. For me I would want to clear an existing bed, or start a new one and grow grasses as part of a plan, rather than an afterthought. To do this would need a "mad" moment to get me started. 

As to Alpines, I am mulling at the moment.


Liked alpines when we lived in Kent, there was a good GC for them nearby. I had a rockery and when the Gardeners Show was on in the village I used to do miniature flower arrangements in sea shells. Sometimes won!


Michaelmas Diasies in full flower at the moment,brightening up the garden.Still have Cosmos flowering and in bud.


My stars are roses, but some are nearly over now. Sweet Williams are making a bright red cheerful patch with blue delphiniums behind them.

Muvs Dashwood

I have to say the bee's are. I plant for scent and bee's and this year I have all different species and in good numbers too.


That's good to hear Muvs.

Bees for me too 

From the moment they returned to swarm over the cotoneaster to  their daily presence on the hardy geraniums, chives, scabious, delphinium they bring the garden to life.



damsel flies are good here at the moment and I saw one demoiselle today. We don't get many of those.


The stars of my garden right now are the lupins, anemome wild swans and the hostas.   


 The star changes from day to day now, everything is changing so fast.

Todays star is Roscoea cautleoides Kew Beauty.

clematis recta-wonderful burgundy foliage, long bloom, pest free-has a tendency to tilt,i girdle it early with hogwire on the downwind side 

Oops I don't do grasses either! Best in my garden are peonies and iceberg climbing rose, hoping other roses will join in ASAP!