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Hi Verdun. I think the Daylily I sent pics of but also as mentioned Phloxes are looking really good.   Ref that Pot Marigold I have not had them in the garden for many years and only last week i was handed (literally) a couple which I took home in the palm of my hand -- planted  them and bingo today first flower. I will let them wander.

. Forgot to mention ref the rain comment. We have had a couple of decent downpours this last week ( after weeks without) and happy to say 5 of my 9 butts are now full. I have a bank of four, a bank of two and three solos.


KEF that's a lovely lily. Good rich colour - would work in lots of combinations.

Verd can I nominate me as the star in my garden right now......?

sorry - off topic as I'm not a plant.....coat's on.....


Oh, FG, you beat me to it.  I'm always the star, hence my name.

Sorry Verd. Got my coat too.

Yes, for your modesty and humility both Fairygirl and tina can be the stars of my garden for the Well just planted Leucanthemum broadway lights and I think they have just usurped your just acquired top spots.    (alongside Verbena Rigida they look pretty good)



The star in my garden at the moment came of its own accord.  I have no idea what it is.  It is in the Butterfly garden which i allow to be untidy - nettles etc for food for the caterpillers.  It is six feet tall, covered in flowers and has huge leaves.  Please tell me if you know it so i can research it for care.  



Dahlias and annuals are providing the most colour at the moment. Some of the plants others have mentioned are nearly over here.


 But the yellow heliopsis is bright too, and heleniums are out and coming out.



If it wasn't for the surrounding stinging nettles the plume poppies would be very good

 Not this year's pic.


My mystery newcomer is Inula helenium or elecampane, evidently a common and wide ranging native flower.  It is quite beautiful and perennial and is very welcome in my garden, especially in the butterfly garden.


They are good aren't they, impressive 


Clematis 'Polish Spirit' is looking great right now - the two pics below are taken from opposite sides of the fence:


 Tree lillies (left), clematis Hagley Hybrid (centre), General Sikorski (right):

 Hagley Hybrid in full bloom:

 Quite pleased with my sweet peppers (conservatory), too:


Hello bob

Gemeral Sikorski looks great there. Brilliant colour .....must get that.  Your peppers are impressive too.....mine are much smaller although almost ready to eat.


The peppers are 'Atris' and 'Gypsy' - both F1s and first time I've tried these two.  Sikorski is a really good 'doer' Verdun - similar to Elsa Spath in colour - have that too. 

We learn all the time in gardenIng bob.  

I ought to mention. Stipa gigantea as a "star" too.  It's been impressive for 8 weeks now.  It's has some heavy rain on it but it still looks fabulous.  Put it in the right spot and it shows it's gratitude by lording it over everything else.


Stipa gigantea has been especially good this year with the heat earlier... it seems even taller than ever...with so many spikes... I always wonder why more people don't grow's such a stand out.... but then if they did, perhaps it wouldn't be so special for those of us that do...? 

Dahlia Honka I recall seeing it in the trial grounds at Wisley years ago and noted it down there along with some others... lovely yellow star shaped flowers...



Good to know about General Sikorski. I bought it last year in a GC in England, 4 small clematis plants for £12. I got 3 Montanas as well, two to cover OH's new shed. They've all grown really well.


My Clematis Piilu is doing well as it scrambles amongst the Honeysuckle...



But when my tall Mongolian Sunflowers begin flowering I think they will take over...



For me too my favourite thing of the moment is the lucifer montbretia (crocosmia). When we moved here last summer I had one in the garden and my mum identified it for me. This year they've popped up all over! Such a beautiful red.

Scent wise, I'm very thankful to my neighbours, as their honeysuckle wanders into my garden. Fabulous! 

Salino you won't regret getting Honka. Sometimes a different coloured form is offered....

Gigantea can be difficult ....and, to look its best, needs good positioning.  Mind you, whenpeople come here they usually ask how to grow it


Leadfarmer, another hooray, I bought a Pilu this year and at last I found Dr. Ruppel that I so admired in one of your earlier pics.