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First group of four.


I told you I was fickle....Ligularia Britt-Marie now flowering :

 and I'm not the only one enjoying her :


Busy-Lizzie wrote (see)

Leadfarmer, another hooray, I bought a Pilu this year and at last I found Dr. Ruppel that I so admired in one of your earlier pics.

Good choice BL. They are both wonderful.

My Piilu was a lucky random find in the garden section of a big DIY store a few years ago. They were selling them at £1 as they appeared dead (it was winter!!!). Naturally I acted dumb and bought a couple. 


LF- they had a lot of those last time I was in aforementioned DIY store -nearly bought some as they looked lovely!

Not for a quid though 



I have Dahia Honka on Verdun recommendatiion. It has leaves but not showing much interest in flowering

. I also have Stipa Gigantica in the front. It is new so not very tall or large yet but full of promise.

My other star - clematis x triternata 'Rubromarginata' 

 I love the way it's almond scent drifts aound the patio.

has sufered a litle in rain yeaterday though 

The potty gardener

Faiygirl that is lovely as is the clematis Matty- shame we can't smell it though.

Matty, Honka is one of the slightly later flowerers I think.ive had dahlias in flower for few weeks now but Honka is only now presenting buds.  You won't beat me up if,it doesn't flower will you Matty?


That's a very bonny clematis Matty. I'm not familiar with that one at all but it's a gem 

Is it easy to grow and what sort of size does it get to?

I'm really enjoying my honeysuckle just now, and so are the bees. It's alive with them and the smell is divine, especially first thing in the morning. As it's right by my gate I pass by many times each day and it's a grand thing to look and sniff at.


Lovely photo's of your garden stars, As always i love the buddleia keen1. Bobthegardeners Hagley Hybrid intrigues me, have you had that long? Nice to see the bee's getting a free feed FG, also i see a spider on the top photo on the "11 'o'clock" petal. or is it just me?


Thanks for comments about clematis

The clematis was planted spring 2012. It is now at the top of a wooden arch. I, amazingly, have found it easy to grow, and in winter just cut it down to near ground. the flowers are very small and loads of them. It has suffered a bit in the heat but so have alot of plants.

Verdun, it all depends if it does flower, must say though it went into ground a bit late, Matbe just have some of your cake.


Zombie- you have very sharp eyes! I'd taken another pic at same time. Here's what 'the spider' really is:

Ant! Or is it Dec....

Veronica purple sensation, Lucifer and the sea hollies are looking pretty good at the moment. Geum Totally Tangerine still flowering its little socks off.


 FG not always, I just remebered to bring my specs home today.


Crystal, I just love that geum...remove dead flowers and stems and it goes,on and on and on in that wonderful orange colour.  Leucanthemum Broadway lights is looking "Shplendid". (my virtual james bond impression...good eh?) right now as is verbena rigida, a better purple is hard to find.  And echinacea summer sun has just opened...what a beauty!


So many of you do well with clematis, I tried last year & struggled so much with it. Any top tips to share I might try again next year. They do look great, when I see them I'm reminded how nice they are.


Zombie, the HH is about 4 or 5 years old.  It's grown as a group 3 so each stem is cut back hard to a pair of buds about a foot above the soil in early spring, so all of the growth you see there is from this year.  Calling it vigorous is an understatement!  The planting hole was well prepared though - a foot square by 3 feet deep filled with partially rotted home-made compost with the clematis being planted 6 inches lower than in its original pot.  Top-dressed each spring with potato fertiliser (virtually the same formulation as specialist clematis food but a fraction of the price.)


I do like it Bob looks like it has an extra white flower on the inside,  Great advice, I will bring my notepad inside tomorrow and make some notes. I would like to try again with them.


I guess the stars in my garden at the moment are the plants we brought with us when we moved in early June. A couple of them have been transplanted into the garden (to be replaced by new plants in the containers

) but this area is just outside the back door and makes me smile each time I look out at it through the kitchen window, or go out the back door

 p.s. the cat is not real. The dog is.

In my old garden I had a "thing" about plants with purple of silver foliage. So when I discovered heucheras about 10 years ago I ended up with quite a few! My favourite of the current colourful display is this one (can't remember which one it is tho, and labels are long gone...)