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Today at 11:35

" Veronicastrums are such under valued plants, in my,opinion "


couldn't agree more Verd - beautiful and the bees love em!


 Unfortunately due to the storms, I had to stake mine this year

Today at 11:39

Hiya Pete, great picture of Amistad. Love this plant.  

Today at 11:44

Thanks Verd - it's a beauty - just hope I can keep it going.
Will get some cuttings soon

Today at 11:56

Hey Pete, that's the way to grow veronicastrums ......fantastic   Which variety is that!  Looks like Fascination?

Yes, Amistad will root in 2 or 3 weeks and make plants 4 or 5 feet tall the following summer.  Mine overwinter well outside here but I give away these majestic plants and everyone thinks I'm a genius to produce them

Today at 12:20

 It has to be the lilies at the moment. Along with the phlox, they are pumping scent in to the air. Gorgeous on a humid evening.

Today at 12:55

Got it in one Verd - Fascination blue i think.

Will be taking some cuttings soon

Today at 16:51

Huge and lovely lIllies fidget bones and most wonderful borders 

Today at 17:03

Cosmos grown from seeds!

Today at 17:05

Where did my picture go? Cosmos.....


Today at 17:38

Currently Allium christophii, as chosen by my favourite dual-role pollinator and aphid-hunter:



Today at 17:59

Really love my agapanthus


Today at 18:32

Lovely flowers, especially the Veronicas.

The comos, I think, is one of the best late summer flowering plants fills a nice big space with its ferny green and lovely bee magnet flowers.

Charlies Allium looks more like the Drumstick , my Christophii was over long ago.


Today at 19:06

Three more beautiful stars everyone especially love your agapanthus star gaze, gorgeous striped blue 

Today at 19:26

Fidgetbones, that border is lovely.

I'm waiting for my agapanthus to come out, it is so nearly there

Today at 19:41

Thank you Beaus mum.

Beautiful flowers everyone.

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721 to 735 of 735 messages