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Very nice collection of pots catsmother. Is there a real cat in your home?

  I was took by a Heucherella the other day I had managed to walk past it, but soon walked back and picked it up. So It came home with me. 



When I first got into heucheras (from an article in a garden magazine IIRC)  the only one I could find locally was Palace Purple (booooring!) so I had to buy some purple ones online from Cotswold Garden Flowers. Then over the years I started to see more purple varieties in local garden centres and each time I snapped them up. But now I've had to start restraining myself from instinctively putting one in my trolley whenever I see a nice purple/silver one, as I have 9 already

Yep ZombieGardener there are 4 cats in our house (hence the user name, which dates back to my first (horsey) forum use approx 10 years ago when I had 5 cats

). I find cats make very photogenic subjects for garden photos



  And of course



  (all these photos were our old garden, btw)



Yep, those Heucheras are addictive.  Got a few myself.  Those cats are just purrfect!


`the star at the moment are the tree lilies. The scent reaches the house 10 yards away.



The potty gardener

Love your cats Thecatsmother. I have four cats.

Stunning Lilies Fidget


Fidget....I want those in picture 1.  Which ones are they?


Those pictures were taken with flash last night after all the rain. I will try again today. The yellow one is much more yellow than it shows up here. They were tree lilies I bought three years ago from  Garden

 The yellow ones I put straight in the ground. The others went in pots first. First year they all grew to about 5ft. After that, the ones in the ground grew bigger and stronger, but the ones in the pot were going downhill, so last year I moved them to the dog run.

The yellow ones had a good top dressing of year old horse manure, in March. They are now about 7ft tall, and have stems like broom handles. No staking.

 The red ones are only about 5ft tall.  I dont have the individual names but various companies seem to have tree lilies or giant lilies in various colours. Each firm seems to have a different name for very similar looking plants.  T&M call them Yellow rocket. There is a yellow and red stripey one but that appears to be going downhill. A lot have disapeared, and the others don't look as healthy and nowhere near as big.






 You can see that the star one is much weaker than the red one and not as tall.

Clearly not victim to lily beetle fidget.  Nor mine.  Wish lilies would flower longer though.....guess I'm a little greedy


I sprayed them with provado as soon as I saw the first lily beetle. It was more than eight weeks ago so should be safe for bees now.

The  bees are too busy on the teasels and lavender to bother with the lilies.

I think the one with the cat drinking from the water butt would make a winning  competition photo you couldnt pose that what great puss pictures I my self have three cats they like chasing the sun round the garden and a black doggie who follows me round as I garden the pets try to be the star in the garden dont they

What was, for so many months, an unsightly leafy mess, grew and bloomed into the prettiest daylillies.


I don’t have much in the way of a garden but I grow African blue basil for sale and had a specimen for a few months in the greenhouse... It grew to 3ft and was absolutely stunning (and had about 20 bees on it at once most of the time)


TBO - that sounds wonderful. Does it vary a lot from the usual kinds? Pity you don't have a pic to show us. Or do you? 



Some lovely pics I've missed over last few days.

i quite like this combination of sage, 2varieties of oxalis (esp when they decide to open their flowers up) with lobelia, hydrangea and fatsia in background.


This crazy weather has made everything peak at different times!  The 5yr old clump of Astrantia (hadspen blood) was my best show a while ago as it flowered at the same time as an enormous yellow Kerria - this is it's second show this year.  Now at this moment the best plant is the Hydranga - a bit upset as it was sold to me as a blue flowered variety and has turned out to be a sickly salmon pink! Still, yesterday and last night torrential rain has turned it a beautiful rose pink so it is forgiven.  Anyone know when I should prune this Kerria? I was going to do it after it flowered but now it has flowered again!


Love the sage/oxalis combo (but then as I said, I do have a "thing" for purple and silver foliage )


Nice cat pics TCM, those lillies look fab fidgetbones, also crazy cat lady you can still add the acidic tonic, for blue flower's next year, but do it in the next couple of weeks. I've been doing mine this week.

Mrs Garden that looks great is that all newly planted?

not a star right now but an astrantia .......ruby wedding....i cut back maybe 3 weeks ago is now about to flower again.  i think, if you cut back when flowers are just going over and not leave them to set seed, astrantias will and do re flower

(posting on this thread and not the astrantia one cos im unsure if this post will get through....with all forum issues currently)