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Thanks catsmum annd zombie, its only the oxalis which is newly planted, I suspect it could be  invasive if I don't keep it in check.


Lovely pic MrsG. I haven't found that type of oxalis to be invasive. Just the opposite, I've lost one of them


Campanula (I think) bursting its little guts..., such anticipation!

 And One of my New babies, salvia patio deep blue.

 Both are sending a tingle down my spine at the moment, love 'em.

Good taste mrs garden.  I grow several varieties of blue salvias too, all wonderful plants.  I guess you know they are best treated as dahlias GH over winter.  They form tubers too to make even bigger plants next year.  Check out salvia patens guanajuato.....this is a beauty.



Verdun, I didn't know they have tubers, thought id be ok taking cuttings. oh help, cutting off ( no pun intended) more than I can chew I think - that's one reason I avoided dahlias! I've researched and formulated a cutting list for tomorrow, my usual plan is my garden lives or dies by my rules but this year I think I need to step up or  they'll get their revenge!

you can certainly take cuttings too.  I do both..usually pull apart large salvia patens in autumn and pot on.  cuttings now...look for non flowering strong shoots near the base Mrs G


I like this as its the first time I have had an echinacea flower.


 And I'm also loving the long flowering of this pyhygelius, they are gorgeous from underneath / inside the flowers.




, cuttings in front are growing well, they will be trained into 'lollipops' for autumn border, exciting stuff. 


I'm here again

I know this means trouble if those seeds get started (which they will), but isn't it lovely?

 It's in my,hmmm, wild flower and grasses area (aka next years project).



Morning all I thought I would post the star in my garden

Now the images don’t really do this little plant any justice at all, It maybe small but you can see the flower at 500 yds it really stands out.




Name is :- Geum Coccineum Koi

I bought one from my garden centre on Saturday and had to return on Sunday and buy 4 more love it so so striking and full of life. 

Here is a link with more infomation



On the page before the Bearded One mentioned African Blue Basil. Here is my African Basil that Lily Louise gave me when we visited her garden (NGS) when we were in England.



And these are the stars in my garden at the moment, rudbeckias.

 They are all a bit battered by last night's heavy rain and the weekend storms. We had some huge hail which have made holes in the tomatoes.

 The one above is a big one, Goldquelle.

 I like it against this dark dahlia.


Love rudbekias busy.  Got some flowering here too.  Aren't they a fraction early this year though?  Got frikartii monch as partner to one group and, as you have, red dahlia with red foliage, next to another.  


I find this a stunning plant


I usually save seeds off Salvia Patens. they are big black seeds and can be individually sown next spring in plugs to provide more plants.  Also Cerinthe major purpurascens  is expensive to buy in packets, but produces masses of big seeds, easy to sow in individual pots.



it has several names like buttrfly weed,milkweed, and it,s botannical name is Asclepias tuerosa.


I also have some rebeckias such as,maxima,rustica,and marmalade.they alway put a smill on my face.





CluelessG- that Geum's a little smasher! 


Great pics, shame im at work n can't view then very well.

Paul Richardson

For me, my star plant is my orchid. I think it might be a moth orchid. I had salvaged it from a cupboard, and the two main leaves were, and still are, yellowy/brown. I had took it out of it's original soil, lightly cut back some of the roots, re soiled it in some compost and a Baby Bio. It was then, after reading up some info, that i had gone down the wrong garden path in resoiling it. Repotted and resoiled it in proper soil and with a bay bio for orchids, i have noticed some growth from the central leaf. I have started a photo diary of the orchid. So hopefuly next year, touch wood, i might have signs of flower stemsm and possibly flowers later on. I have set up a Facebook profile for it.