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One of my hanging baskets, it has flowered right through the summer with Surfina Lilac vein, it smells like Lillies. Although my lillies have been lovely this year, I think a fairy has been and planted deep pink ones amongst the pale pink and white ones as I didn't plant them, they last for a few weeks as cut flowers in the house.


Lovely display sizeyuk1 , fairy does share her magic.

I hope the orchid flowers for you Paul, great story.

Plants look good folks.  Don't do hanging baskets now....too much work watering, dead-heading etc.

David smith3 wrote (see)

I find this a stunning plant

I think this from the previous page looks very striking.


Roy Hill

The 'star' flower has just been pulled. Half a dozen Himalayan Balsam had crept into the wild area.

Star flowers have mostly gone past their best here. This year I have been beating back bindweed, bramble, nettle, willlowherb, etc. from the formal part of the garden, whilst trying to get the veg off the ground. The molluscs have mown off my carrot seedlings, but constant supply of radish makes up to a certain extent.

The star plants of the moment could the rigid hornwort or the watermint in the pond; they've been doing a stellar job in stripping out excess nutrients. The algae is on a loser.


My echinaceae prima donna is now living up to its name:

 And pleased with my rudbeckia/echinops combo too:

 In fact, we are enjoying rudbeckias galore:



Chicky that echinaceae prima donna is gorgeous i'm really jealous, and you're Rudbeckias are flowering nice, I'm still waiting on mine to open.


Chicky blue and yellow my favourite combo 

Wow, there are some lovely colours about! I'm hoping to grow some rudbeckia. This beauty is just starting to open flowers - hollyhock 'antwerp'. I started it from seed this February - the other one germinated a month later, and looks like it's waiting 'til next year





That's lovely, Bookmonster - I miss growing hollyhocks but they get devastated by rust every single time now in my garden.  I've thought about trying them in pots or containers instead.

Thanks BobTheGardener. It's my first time with them, so we'll have to see. It's supposed to be a resistant variety, and I've heard cutting them to the ground after flowering helps, so we'll see



Hi everyone took photo of my evening primrose last night it was so bright as dusk was on its way

I took this one last night when watering the garden, bee and butterfly enjoying the echinacea




who said late summer was tricky in a garden - the colours on this thread at the moment are lovely! That evening primrose looks good enough to eat ( might improve my tetchiness too)



The latest lily to open.



Chicky, I think late summer is one of the best times in a garden if you choose your plants well. I have a bit of a boring gap earlier on in the season sometimes


Salvia patio & clematis triternata Rubromarginata

Thanks all for sharing lovely pics. I need a bigger garden

The potty gardener

KEF- you need a bigger garden, my needs to increase at least tenfold

Love your echinacer Mrs Garden

David what a stunning plant

Clueless that is beautiful and bright

Sizeyuk a lovely frothy basket

Lizzie beautiful as always

Chicky I love the echinacea

Book beautiful colour holyhock

Tracey lovely lemon colour

Elaych you are good to have caught the butterfly

KEF lilies are one of my favourite, that's a great white one.

Keep the pics comming- the stunners can change daily



KEF- longiflorum is my favourite lily