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Bev, how did you remember that lot? Oh, silly me, you must have written it down!


Dahlias, penstemons and echinacea are showing themselves off rght now.  Many clematis in their second flush and antirrhinums still going strong:

 Above are 'giant hybrids' sown this spring - now 3-6 feet tall!


 Just planted out 40 leeks but kept having breaks to sit down and admire nature in all her glory!  





 Clematis Abundance, it really lives up to it's name.


I grew some Nigella damascena (mixed colours) last year, then let them self seed. Absolutely love them this year, a much better show!!


We've got a lovely display of Sweetpeas too. Last year, the House Sparrows and little Jenny Wren loved eating the greenflies off the plant!






The first clematis I posted a little while ago the white one is Huldine, don't know what happened to the text.



 This Lilly has finally come out I've waited ages for to open open


Wow, what a lily! Worth waiting for.

Great sparrow pics.


Great clematis Chris.  They put on a real show, don't they.

and love the sparrows on the SP's too


And Bob - what lovely colour combinations in your beds

Stacey Docherty

Gladioli girl love the nigella I planted ome of them this year and will be letting them self seed so fingers crossed...

Fairygirl wrote (see)

KEF- longiflorum is my favourite lily 

NEW TEXT..messed up the quote thing

Fairy is that what my white one is? Or just your favorite lily? I've had that one years and only knew it as "white lily" ..

I could kick myself for throwing plant labels away, I had a bag full but before joining forum I thought no use in saving as a lot were from previous garden. Just reminded me of what I'd left behind & others that had died. Silly woman



Looks like Longiflorum to me KEF. Long white trumpets and a different scent to the usual ones. Not so heady. Love them. Used to have two big square metal planters of them. Slugs didn't touch them in those containers either!


Thanks fairy

The potty gardener

Yes Lizzie I did write a list.

Bob what great colour you have in your garden.

Lovetogarden I love the white plant.

Gladioligirl I don't have birds in my sweetpeas as I have four cats.

Tracey I love lilies,those are a wonderful colour.

Last weekend there were no flowers left on my sweetpeas andI almost pulled them up.I am so pleased that I didn't as look what I came home toafter a few days away.



Lovely pg. Not taken any pics of mine but they're flowering away like mad and the smell is wonderful! What varieties did you grow or were they a mix ?

PS I think ltg said it was Huldine - the white clem that is 

Lovely isn't it?


Stars of my garden at the moment.....












I just love lilies, have got too many pots, but I can't resist.


 Patricia's Pride.


The speckled on on the left I call the french lily as I bought them in France when we were on holiday, but I've had them so long I can't remeber the names.



The potty gardener

Zain and Lovetogarden beautiful lilies. They are one of my favourites. Mine are all over now


Right now I am loving the second flush of flowers on this rose called "Nurse Tracey"



Zain love the third one and lovetogarden the first one. Both beautiful. All lillies are but those I really like