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No picture-sorry

but the star at the moment is a hybrid tea rose called Just Joey.

I have been stripping the roses of flowers to make confetti and the garden looked bare. Came home and there was a group of lovely peachy yellow roses on the Just Joey.

They are the stars as they draw my eyes to them everytime I look out of the window


I just love all those lily pictures. They really are stars to look at as well. Brilliant

Deanos Diggin It

Matty! I have a "Just Joey!"  sat in the wings, another rescued jobbie from work! 

Maybe not flower this year! But big hopes for next! 

Rose "Joro" is my highlight of today! The size of my palm,  I have big Palms! 


And my mate "Stumpy!" 


 My biggest achievment this year I think! 

My gardens are all still pretty virginal this year! So bring on the next! 

My cardoon has 5 heads on and is in flower.  The bees simply love this and get quite drunk on the necter. I've seen 5 bumble bees, bottoms up, forraging  on just one head. Must take a photo


Deano - love the colour of that rose (its gone on my list !!).  And your tree fern against that lovely blue sky ......

Ok, not the star in my garden but Alan Titchmarsh is the star today.  What a lovely and inspiring programme his Love your garden was this evening.  Beautiful planting and wonderful emotions.  Brilliant mr Titchmarsh 



Love the tree fern Deano 

Picked some sweet peas this morning and they are definitely my little stars just now.


 When I was picking them a little wasp landed on my arm holding an ant. Hope he enjoyed his breakfast!


Here is the Rose 'Just Joey' that I was talking about yesterday -  no change in the star today

 Whoops needs to be viewed side ways 

muddy mare

my sun flowers at the moment bees all over them

The potty gardener

Deano your tree fern is wonderful.

Fairy I love the colour. I planted several types mixed together.

Matty that is really lovely.

Muddy I have never grown sun flowers. Think I might try next year


Still going strong...

Returning to show off again...

 A tiny one just finding room...


I had to move these to show them off more...


Mum's fern doing well...





The stars in my garden at the moment are the plants n pots decorating the drive.  They have been in bloom two month and I expect another two months from them.








Don't know, tea. All these computer things are a mystery to me.


Just go to the third icon from the right on the toolbar where you are sending your reply , click on it and follow instructiond .  Try to keep your pics down to 1mb or below so they can be shown bigger by clicking on them.  Hope that helps.  I learned IT for my eightieth birthday and only knew the mouse with four legs then and five years later am very competent.  nothing to be scared of, really.


This is a new flower to me, I thought it was not going to flower and then this opened and some more to come.

Star of garden and a star shape

 Dahlia 'Honka'



Matty that is WAY too pretty.

Matty.  Try the original Honka.....the yellow one.  Same shape etc but a beautiful butter yellow.  Next to purple salvia Amistad it looks stunning.  May post a pic if I remember.

The potty gardener

Mrs Garden, Marion and Matty lovely pics. I got this for £1 as has mostly gone over but has given me a few flowers with some buds still to come



They all look fantastic 

I must post some photos tomorrow 


My new rose, "Maxim" by Tantau