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Right now I guess the star plant in my garden is agastache Blue Boa.  It changes though week by week..... Next week it may be another agastache Sangria.  So what's putting the smile on your face today in your garden?


Rain not a lot of it but phew 


 This today. although Clematis 'Rouge Cardinal' is brilliant right now.


This is the star - I thought I had lost it last year with bad lily beetle attack but here it is. At the moment it is the jewell in my jewell bed. It grows about 4 ft high and where ever you are in the garden it stands out.

It is Lily 'Night Flyer'


 Love the colour of that clematis, or is it a day lily?? nearly posted one, but no at present this is the one


..that's a fantastic lily...I really must get that one..'Night Flyer' I shall have to make a note... lovely colour on that daylily too...

Hemerocallis 'Crimson Pirate' as mentioned on another thread... or this one

Phlox paniculata 'Purple Flame'...amongst others I suppose...




This is my star in the garden at the moment, Pot Marigold. They are all looking wonderful right now and such a vibrant colour.




 Or it could be this,

 Or even these.

Stacey Docherty

My miniature rudebeckia mixed with monarda infact all the plants I bought at hampton court!!! Shasta daisies and ecinechea soooo many hard to choose!!!!!


The turk's head lilies are lovely Matty. not seen one that colour.

Clematis 'Etoile Violette' - flowering its little socks off. Pic doesn't really do it justice as the colour is a bit too blue -something to do with my camera. I love 'Rouge Cardinal' too Netherfield - will be getting that!

 but my Ligularia 'Britt-Marie Crawford' is starting to flower so next week it will probably be my fave.  

You're right though Stacey!


My hollyhocks grown from seed and heliopsis 



right now this minute. Nicotiana affinis, sorry I can't post scent

Yes, scent. Just now, heliotrope, summer jasmine, roses and honeysuckles. Shame I'm stuck inside looking at the storm!



For scent - my sweet peas are little stars right now too. Cupani and Cathy.

Oh, I forgot about the sweet peas because they are down the hill. They are the best ever this year. A pal gave me a packet of seeds and the label said "High Scent". I didn't know if that was the name of the variety or just good marketing. It doesn't matter which because it's true.

Stacey Docherty

Oh waterbutts shame on you I went out mid storm just to smell my honeysuckle and jasmine!!!!!!!



This is my fav' at the minute smells amazing.


That's really pretty and not a colour you see in a florists.

The potty gardener

My lilies. In one pot I have pale pink, dark pink, dark yellow,orange (just about) and pale yellow all flowering together.

 You may notice my poor Buddah who not only got his hat chipd but his head came off. Son and his friends who had been drinking in garden night before knew nothing about it .

The lilies make up for it though



My star over the last few days has to be crocosmia Lucifer. I have waited 3 patient years for any flowers and wow it was so worth it.

Got some big clumps of lucifer.....brilliant colour but not the longest flowering.  Gave some to friend of mine few years back and she now has huuuuuuuuge clumps.

Dahlia Honka will be out tomorrow....for those of you who don't know it, check it out.  The most charming single simple dahlia out there.....beautiful butter yellow.  .  I have blue Veronica to one side and purple salvia Amistad to other with bonariensis hovering above so that will be my "star" of the moment