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Bought a bush last year and want to buy another one but lost the name tag

2 foot high and stopped growing ...perannual...woody...small trumpet like  red heads with dark green foliage..attarcts bees ...looks like a lavender head but smaller


How possible would it be to send a photo? Could it be a sort of salvia?

Could it be a Phygelius.Very like a Fuschia, but smaller  trumpet like flowers. The red ones are more common than the yellow one I have. Flowers for months and months. I take the labels off plants I buy and keep them in a seed tin my brother bought me. Reminds me of the plants I have had successes and failures with. Mainly slugs!


Can you post a picture?


If you take the salvia flowers and attach them to a rounded bush and not an upright plant thats almost it

Dont have a mobile as I hate them and 23 YO IT Expert son has fled the nest


Penstemon?  Not all are large flowered?




Rounded bush though Verd. Are penstemons not more upright? You'll certainly know better than me!

I thought Wiegela at first but the 'lavender head' thing threw me. Without a pic we're you- know -whatting in the wind NewBoy! 


I used this sites selection process a few years ago to chose a bush that attracts bees and it gave me 1. A French Lavender 2. Cistus and the other one

I will take the flower to a GC tomorrow and let you know


Took the flower head to the local GC and its a Hebe

Thanks to you all for your assistance          

I know Fairygirl.....just flummoxed, my mox has never been so flummed!  Now we know it's Hebe its so obvious.  I also thought it might have been a red flowered,Veronica but that too is upright.

Mind you, I have grown mound forming penstemons ....almost alpine like.



Verd- You keep your mox out of this.....

Wouldn't have guessed Hebe from the 'trumpet like heads' description though.

Exactly my thoughts magic one!

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