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The Bird Lady



This is a perennial that I've seen locally - I think it's rather sweet but I don't know what it is - anyone?



Victoria Sponge

It's a salvia. Maybe hot lips but it might be too pink for that...

On the other side is it a large shrub?


It's the shrub "hot lips".     I've quite a few of those in my garden.




Salvia hot lips!

sara haywood

Yep Salvia Hotlips! My plant has a mixture of white flowers, red flowers , white and red flowers and white and pink flowers! Lovely plant!

Chrissy the gardener

I'just acquired this plant after much searching its Salvia Hot Lips, a little tender but should be ok here as I live in the south.

The Bird Lady

Oh thanks everyone, that's a great help.  All I know is that it comes up every year in some of the gardens locally and seems hardy here on the south coast.

Brilliant, now I can have one of my own! 

Woodgreen wonderboy

Is the trick with identifying salvias the flowers remind me of pea flowers?

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