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Can anyone tell me what this is please, all I know is it's evergreen and needs ericaceous soil (I think).


I believe it could be a shrub called Nandina.

If it is take care as the berries especially are toxic.


Yip, Nandina domestica

I bought it about 5 years ago but couldn't remember what it was - thanks.



Glad you got advice before I appeared I thought it was a poorly Skimmia.



Also known as Heavenly bamboo though no relation to bamboo at all. Good feng shui to site it at an entrance gate or door as you have! 

That's the door to my studio - cool.

It hasn't grown much in the last couple of years so thought it looked like it may need a bit of tlc. Do they do ok in pots? Should I replenish the soil and give it some special food maybe to encourage new growth?


They are slow growing plants. You can check to see if the plant is root bound in which case you could move it into a larger pot. Also you could scrape off  the top couple of inches of compost and replace it with fresh. I usually feed mine in spring with a handful of chicken manure pellets mixed in to the top of the pot.

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