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We got it a few years ago and connot remember its name at all, we love it and want to get some more and find more details on it - any help would be appreciated




Looks like a clover....Trifolium montanum perhaps?

I think thats spot on, although I dont remeber it being called that name at all, we got it from gardeners world about 2-3 years ago, it just so beautiful when it first flower, we had a BBQ a few weeks ago and everyone wanted to know its name, thanks for helping I have been at a total loss

now I guess I can see if I can work out how to propogate some more 

Thanks Addict, I foud the exact one now its named Trifolium ochroleucum

Your a star, thanks so much



Love it. I want some! 

do you have any idea where I can get information on propagating this plant please


The book says propagation is by Division, or taking rooted stems in Spring. We have  red version of this and never tried to propagate it. Must add it to our to do list.


Would have thought division would be pretty simple to do. Afterall it is just a clover. Wait til the autumn dig it up and split it into as many pieces as you anywhere near hampshire lol 

Ok will give that a go, we live in Birmingham, just been to hampton, last weekend how bizarre. We went to kew gardens and hampton court, I looked all over kew for the plant but could not find any, I may see if it seeds and I can collect some

Gosh berg hill I didn't know there was a red variaty I must Gary to get a red one

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