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i actually thought they were quite sweet:





More celandines, they're everywhere


celandine, it's  British Native, but it's very very invasive. It has small bulb like structures  on the roots and every single one can produce a new plant. I'd suggest you try to get rid of it before it becomes a nuisance.


ooops. well its at my dads house, not mine, and i wont be here long. there are weeds of all sorts in his big garden and there is little time to sort them out to be honest


Just don't take any plants away with you without quarantine for at least a year


As Nutcutlet says......don't take any plants from celandine infested gardens.......if it has to be done, you should wash every grain of compost from roots, and pot them up...........then wait at least 12 months before planting in a clean garden.  Even then, I'd advise washing off again before planting.

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