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This is a lovely plant that just won't die!! I don't want it to but I've cut it back many times and it just keeps coming back! I love it but I'd like to take a cutting and have it in my front garden too just to see if it would grow through landscaping bark and add some green to my front garden


I agree with Dove, I have several different ones some pink some blue. Mine are moved about as they are such good ground over sometimes too good. As you've discovered they don't mind being cut back. Generally speaking they would be lifted and split to propagate them, I've found them easy to do. 


Just get your spade in and hack a chunk out and replant Daniel. As long as it has a bit of root on it, it'll grow 

If you want more of them take a chunk and divide it further and put the small pieces in pots to grow on for a while. Then you can plant them in other places. I've got a large piece that all had to come out - I recently dug out about a dozen bits with a rootball the size of a grapefruit and they're all growing in a large plastic container of soil till I can find homes for them. I have loads of other tiny bits - some have been stuck in the top of a dwarf wall at the foot of a fence surrounding my car parking area, and some have been put in small pots . All are growing happily. It's a very easy plant to manage 

thanks guys loads of help, i'm gonna hack a lump off tomorrow and move it to the front garden


thanks again


sara haywood

 Mine flowered three days ago! I love this plant, please let us know what colour it is?


Never mind the Geranium sara, pray tell me what that handsome number BEHIND it is. It looks SOOO lovely

sara haywood

Phygelius 'Funfare Cream', it is stunning every year and it manages to flower 2 twice a year. It is very happy in my garden, I have a friend locally who just can not grow it.


Thank you Sara, I think I have a pink version of it but have not come across this one.

 new one guys! what is this? I'm pretty sure its creeping jenny but I'm not 100%


I will put a photo up when my geranium flowers but we are struggling for sun here so it might be a while yet 


Looks like Creeping Jenny to me too Daniel 


Looks a really healthy geranium you have Daniel and as said above, a good one for a division or two I think.

Sara I love your phygelius.  It's gorgeous.  I have a red one called 'Scarlet' something but it doesn't do too well in my garden and has never grown more than a couple of new stems.  Do you do anything special with it...and great that you get it to reflower?

sara haywood

Yarrow2 I have done nothing but put in in the ground about 3 years ago, I do however cut back all the flowering stems as soon as it has finished flowering and usually by July new flowers start to form. I am not sure if I am supposed to prune it, something I may have to investigate this year!


I had a phygelius in the front garden. It was a narrow strip of bed that runs between the path and next door, shallow soil, a bit stony, full sun for a most of the day.  I dug it up two years ago because it was old and overgrown and I hated it.  But last year shoots were coming back which were duly cut down.  I wish now I'd kept it and nurtured it  because that plant looks stunning.  If I find any more rogue shoots then they're going into a pot to grow on and then go in my back garden. 


Daniel, the small leafed one is a creeping jenny or Lysimachia. I grow it in hanging baskets in the shade of a holly. It brightens the area beautifully with yellow flowers.


sara haywood

Daisyheadcase, I took a shoot that appeared last year and removed it the best I could and potted it up and left it in the back garden, it has since been given to a friend who has transplanted it into a bigger pot and it is growing nicely, she has 3 flower stems on it. We decided that it will go into her garden next spring. I will try and do the same this year as I would love one in my back garden.


Just been out to have a look actually, but no sign of any phygelius between the crocosmia and the lysimachia punctata.  I haven't given up yet though, maybe when I cut them back in autumn there may be something there...

sara haywood

My Lysimachia punctata is just about in flower and brightening up my back garden, I am going to take a small piece at the end of the year for the front, I just need to find room!

I have an issue with this plant, I have yet to split it but there is a lot of grass growing underneath it which I have to keep pulling out. If I split it then surely the grass will come with it???

Lysimachia will root very easily just in take some pieces and use them for transplants.  That way you can then dump the one with grass thru it if you want