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My Blue Angel last year in July, looking splendid...

 and this year it is half the size!

What's going on? I haven't had it out the ground and we've had plenty of rainfall this year. Nothing has changed about its situation except its leaves are half the size. Amount of leaves is on par.

Any ideas?

Hmm - my Blue Angels have doubled in size this year - sorry - not meaning to rub salt in -
although we've had plenty of rain, you do have a small tree there, and hosta leaves keep the rain off as well - the surface of the ground under mine is as dry as a bone - do you think that tree may be taking moisture/nutrients?

I mulched mine with lots of home made compost last autumn and gave them a good dollop of Fish Blood & Bone in the early spring and will be feeding again shortly. Have you fed yours?

At least the slugs and snails seem to be leaving yours alone

Pretty garden

Morning Wintersong

Well, it looks healthy to me so I agree with Dove. 

I would lightly scoop away some soil to make a slight recess around your hosta.  Then water very well.  Then water again thoroughly over next couple of days.  A mulch and feed would,help.

There is still time for your hosta to make good growth 


Thanks for your responses and sound advice.

I do mulch every spring and the tree hasn't caused problems before but you may be right Dove, since the Acer has really grown this year, and thickend out, reducing the water content in the soil even further.

I will also feed it since i think I missed the blood fish and bone earlier in the year.

I feel like making more of these for a larger spread so perhaps I will divide in July/August ? I read this was the correct time to do it, and replant new pieces in well rotted compost. I save my best stuff for the roses, hostas and Clematis and I just emptied a whole compost bin into a spare 70litre bag 


There's a lot to be said for growing them hard - makes the leaves tough for our mollusc friends.  Big and lush = juicy and tasty and tender 


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