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I would like to know when and how to feed the below. I have chicken pellets, slow release fert granules, tomato food.

late winter perennial cuttings that are growing now and would like to kick them on


marigold seedlings showintowel formed true lleaves gazania showing long true leaves



i have spread chicken pellets on my ground when I have improved my clay but it will be a while before my seedlings and cuttings will be planted out. 

Use fertilizer rich in nitrogen and potassium (like 12-4-18) for the cuttings. Check

the N-P-K in the granules to see if they fit. Tomato food is usually rich in potassium,

so I guess they would fit the cuttings as well.

Marigold and gazania will appreciate the tomato food as well.

The problem with chicken pellets is that they demand a long time to mature in the soil. If placed too close to the plants (specially seedlings), they will kill them, so I wouldn´t advise them in plugs or pots.

So a light tomato food water would be ok. How often do you think. Or baby bio???

I wouldn't feed those cuttings yet.  Can they be potted on?  If so there will be soMe feed in the fresh compost.

However, a very dilute tomato feed if you really want to.

Your chicken pellets are best  around veg or plants when they are bit bigger.  Mix well with soil.

 Slow release fertiliser for plants in containers.  

Cuttings really can't cope with heavy nutrition.  I agree that chicken pellets are not suitable for plug or cuttings 

Despite all this, a light seaweed spray is great for most things at any stage of growth.  It is a great TONIC more than a feed.  It seems to produce robust plants more resistant to pests and diseases.



here here verdun i collect my own seaweed and make my own fantastic for plants and veg


I repotted them about 7 weeks ago and since have kickeI on. They are not about 2-3 inches tall and bushing a bit. Just bit unsure if I harden and plant out or should I keep in pots and put out later in the season. First time I have ever had my own cuttings make plants. Yay!! Scabiosa, coreopsis, geyser and platycodon. 

Keep in pots and plant out bit later.  Even a week could be so much warmer

I always pot on into big pots cos they then make an immediate impact in the garden.  In any case the bushier and sturdier the plant you put out the better it will be

They are in 9cm at the mo. you think pot on again. Just struggling for room, my tom's are desperately seeking compost aNd buckets! 

Yes pot on if you can

On it. Making eyes aNd hinting that compost is the new bouquet of flowers to show love! do you think I still need to keep them In the greenhouse??

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