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My delphiniums have gone into seed, when will these seeds be good to use?

If you have somewhere suitable to grow them on, you can plant seed in the autumn to get decent sized plants for next year.  I tried this last year and though they were slow at the beginning they are looking good now, though still in pots because of slugs!

That's fab, thanks for the response
Most seeds are at the right age when the plant casts them naturally. Some seeds germinate best when fresh; some when sown and left outside during winter frosts; some sown the next year.

Study the plant and see what it does naturally.

Last year I had my best ever success with delphinium seeds by putting them into the fridge for two weeks in a self-seal poly bag and then sowing immediately after that into a 50% compost/vermiculite mix: I had ~90% germination rate. Delphinium seeds soon lose their freshness, so don't store them for too long...


My delphiniums have seed pods on but also smaller flower stems do I have to let the whole plant go to seed or can I cut the seed stem off now.


Cutting off the seed stem will normally promote fresh flowering growth, so you can either cut it off to try to get more flowers or leave it to fully ripen if you want the seeds.

Thanks Paul I might enjoy the smaller stems a bit longer then watch for the seed pods to mature.on another thread it says they may not come true to their wonderful blue but I'd like to have a go.

Can I not just cut them and allow the pods to dry out now?

That was what I was hoping Sean this thread will go to the top and maybe a late browser will have tried and have advice.

hollie hock

I try and leave the seeds on the plant until they are fully formed. A lot of seeds become brown or black and come away from the plant really easily.

If you take off the seeds when they are not fully formed I don't think they will germinate. Once collected, store in a paper envelope and then sow

I've got seeds forming on my delphs but they are no where near ready, the seed pods are still green, they should be brown and you will be able to see the seeds inside them when they are ready


Thanks Hollie will have a look at them when it stomps raining

You're right Hollie, they are no good cut off the plant and left to ripen, but you can cut everything off but one, you get about 100 seeds from one or two little flower heads, so no need to leave the whole lot on the plant.

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