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I have been collecting the pansy seed pods as they ripen but now unsure when to sow. These purple pansies were planted in winter and have flowered right through until now. So when do I sow ready for this winter??

You can sow the seed now and keep them potted into bigger pots as they grow. If you keep them in pots they will grow morenquickly than in the garden and you may just be lucky enough to have a few flowers this autumn. 

They will, howevr, really get into their stride next spring and flower all next summer.

Thanks for this. How long does germination normally take??


at this time of the year around 7-14 days add compost water add seeds then add more compost to the seed tray add lid and leave it alone for 5 days then have a look 



They have been up 5 days and are now looking like a green carpet of cress!!! Plenty of pricking out soon!!

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