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This is all useful information from everybody, I have been asked to tidy up a Buddleia which is pretty old and has a very thick trunk, I'm wondering if I do cut it back to knee high in Feb whether it will shoot again. Also, is there anything you can feed it that will make the plant put more effort into creating flowers and not into massive growth, as this thing grows over a window.


No need to feed your buddleia usually but if you cut it severely .......which won't hurt it; I have done plenty of them......I would give it a feed, maybe fish blood n bone, in spring.  Just make sure cuts are as clean and neat as possible

You can't really stop it growing over your window by feeding but just prune any wayward branches as they appear.  Your new growth, and subsequent growth, will not be as thick as wood you are cutting now. 

Many thanks Verdun for the info.

I tend to prune about a third back in Autumn, once they have stopped flowering, then fully back in Spring when you will see new shoots growing on them - you can cut back to a pair of healthy new shoots at that point.

These plants, even the dwarf varieties, are wonderful late food for the Red Admiral butterflies that tend to appear late in Summer where we live (these late arrivals are the new year's generation apparently).

Will all this good advice apply to dwarf buddleia too? I have been deadheading regularly and they have been beautiful this year, so don't want to risk killing them! Thx for any help 



I expect they get pruned in the same way as standard ones Miranda. A few people on the forum have them so they will be better able to advise on that. You might not need to do the autumn pruning - mainly done to avoid wind rock, which just means the heavier, taller branches make it top heavy, so branches can break and sometimes the shrub uproots, but that depends on your conditions and site etc.

I've heard some people saying that the dwarf ones aren't as 'dwarf' as they're made out to be though! 

Well, the cream one is a good metre in height, but is so pretty I can forgive it. I've got it planted in front of some decking and it looks lovely while softening the edges too, so would recommend them! 


That's pretty dwarf for a buddleia then Miranda 

I love buddleias even if they're a bit common - they're so good for bees and butterflies. Does your cream one look a bit scruffy when the flowers die back though? It's the one drawback of the whites as opposed to the  pinks and purples, but at least with a small one it's easier to keep on top of the deadheading!

Well it does, but on the other hand a bit of deadheading is a good way to avoid the washing up, and supplies instant gratification!


Can't beat a bit of deadheading - very therapeutic  

Absolutely! (This is where we could do with a 'like' button!) 

I pruned my Buddleia in the autumn of 2015, it is now massive full of blossom and of course butterflies



I have hard pruned some tree like buddleias, and it hasn't seemed to hurt them.

I have a nice white one, that I love, but I'd like to move it.  As I said it's quite large at the base, but each year gets hard pruned.

Can you relocate them at all?


Yes - no problem Wayside. They take any amount of abuse  

Best pruned after flowering IME. You can relocate but it's a safer bet to take a cutting and grow it on - if it is a largish specimen, trying to move it is probably not worth the hassle involved.



I have a dark purple one. Would  a Buddliea respond to something like a "Chelsea chop" to keep it short but still flowering well? 


I haven't quite hit upon the right thing to do with them.  I have some small ones that have responded well to being cut right back.  But the trees have lost a lot of their charm.  I didn't risk moving my white one, but instead am growing on from seed.  Not sure what colour I'll get as I have a dark purple close by.  My white one I've gotten into the habit of cutting right back around April.

I remember on Gardeners world that Monty cuts back a little later (after all frost), for late flowers in the summer.  I'm sure I've cut back after May, but there's good growth about now.  I'm amazed at how much my infant has grown over the last few weeks.

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Hi guys I am new to buddleias so reading all your comments is a great help.

I love reading your views.😊

Ps. New to the gardenrsworldforum too although I have watched gardeners world for years 😊


Welcome aboard Jacknjill 

Don't hesitate to start a new thread for any queries you may have 

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