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Yeys!  My hubbie just didn't understand.....Thanks RD!

My boyfriend is the same but I'm working on him!


Bilje, I'll sort it out soon. Been a bit mad with stuff going on, sorry.

I've "planted" a section of stem from Dahlia Imperialis which I cut down at the end of last year and chucked in the compost bin: it not only survived, but started growing both shoots and roots from the stem section. I just had to give it a chance.

So, dahlias quite popular then......

Liked them,  then hated them but now getting fond of them again.  

Met a guy once whose garden had nothing but dahlias .......a blaze of colour all summer.  All staked and growing tall. Autumn?  Nothing 


I love the smell of dahlias - as I think someone on the Allotment show said, they smell of ....... dahlias.

Have you noticed how chrysanthemums smell of ................ chrysanthemums

I like them but not sure if they are high maintenance as last year I struggled with aphid or something black all on stems. But now having 456 bedding And my larger ones I have to do something with them.

Thanks for the reply Hostafan1, I was concerned you'd planted yourself in a border. I nearly did yesterday, over reached fell forward grabbed low fence and had to yell for help as I couldn't move for fear of standing on plants. Having a lazier day to day here in the NE the weather is glorious. 

Funy you should mentioning rescues from the innards of the compost bin, I now have3 or 4 mystery dahlias I spotted them shooting away and thought it mean to re bury them. Happy days.

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