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When do I plant out dahlias, I'm on the lincolnshire/notts border! 


Hi Red Dahlia, I planted mine out on 5th May, I'm in Dorset so it's a bit earlier for us down here than where you are but we had a cold night last night and the dahlia's are fine. I put them outside for about two weeks during the day so they're quite happy and already growing well, although the slugs have got four of them

Hi I'm in the NE , Washington, mine have been planted out a bit at a time since early May. I need to slug pellet which I'm loath to do but I need to give them every chance just for a while. 


I've planted  out one: Dahlia Imperialis from seed I collected on the side of a mountain in Tamil Nadu in Southern India a couple of years ago. The rest are still in an unheated polytunnel.


by " the rest " I mean about 200 others.



That's why I like to get on with planting, back and knees aren't as enthusiastic as I am. So it has to be a few at a time. 

HF1 I'm very envious of your seeds from india, visited many times although mostly Goa. Visited Kerala last year, fabulous plants although my Curry plant seeds germinated I lost them later..sad.


Bilje, I've got more seed, if you'd like some.We owned an appartmfent in South Goa for 9 years.


Dahlia Imperialis can grow to 6 metres, yes metres tall.



wow you need a big garden for them then!!!

I have bedding dahlias and then a mixed variety that stands at 3 ft. I'm wondering about taking them out my plastic greenhouse and planting them out now it's warm. But will I regret it?

Red, it's very here now....but it's the possible cold nights that may be problem so check out the forecast for next week or so.

However,,they need to be hardened off Red. They should have been standing outside now during the day.  If you think it might get cold overnight cover with fleece.  Straight from greenhouse into the ground will be a shock to any plant so acclimatisation is the key.

(boastful me?    Down here dahlias survive all year round outside but I still overwinter most of them.)

Message for Hostafan1, thank you for your kind offer I'd love a few of your seeds. I have tried to send you a message but a box popped up saying you don't accept private messages. Perhaps you could message me with your address and I'll send you a SAE. Sorry if this isn't the way it works but I don't know what else to do.

Verdun, it's been an open greenhouse and a big draft at bottom with my dahlias on bottom shelf! they are now standing outside! I may plant them this coming weekend! 


It's my first time of growing dahlias and I put the 6 tubers straight outside into pots mid April.  Sounds like that wasn't advisable!  But 3 growing strongly, 2 others are just started to sprout.  Just number 6 to go and I've got away with it!

Its all a learning curve ie matching actions to weather in this case. I pot up from mid march but mine go into a cold greenhouse when I have room. the main thing is to protect the shoots from frost so keep an eye on the weather forecast.

If you are leaving them in pots don't forget to keep them well watered but not standing in water, I feed with tomato fertiliser every 10 days or so.

Watch out dahlias are addictive so next year you'll be taking cuttings and splitting tubers and having at least twice the worry haha.



I had 25 last year. I now have 40 normal dahlias and 456 bedding dahlia ready to plant!!!!

Yeah I have about 50 dahlias now of about 10 varieties. No where near enough space to plant them out as I just have a normal sized garden of perennial borders. Last year I grew some on in extra large pots and they grew really well with huge tubers at the end on the season. The problem was keeping on top of watering. Don't know how youll cope with 456 bedders, how did you have the time to count them

I have sown dahlia seed this year - Bishop's Children - and germination has been really successful.  I have kept space on my allotment for a cut flower bed this year (for dahlias, cosmos and the small/patio sunflowers (yellow and red variaties).

Have been hardening them off outside during the day for the past week or so and will start to leave them out at night after the weekend (weather permitting) - complete with defences against slugs and snails and hope to plant middle of next week.

PS - I live in Cornwall, so fairly mild

My other half bought me a tray of plugs for £10 I potted up each one and then counted, 456 no idea where to set them as I'm full and no room for the larger dahlia! Wondering about poppin at my gate for sale, but how much for a tray of 6!!! Or a large dahlia in a big pot! 


And we have lift off with number 6!

Just wanted to share my joy