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Hiya djjuk, prune as hard as you like.  It will be fine.

Hardy fuschias grow like weeds here and they can be huge.   We often slash them down and I always prune annually to the base.  

When?  Well autumn or spring.  You could do it in February quite safely.


thanks Verdun. how high above the ground do you cut it to? and how quick does it grow. it was already there when we moved in to the house, in use as a hedge and id like to keep it compact, thick and around about 4ft height wise at its max.

Almost to the base djjuk.  Grows fast.  Cutting back like this produces a thick dense plant with loads of summer flowers.  Just cut it cleanly though. I always try for sloping cuts with no jagged edges. Yes, 4' or,slightly more perhaps.  

Hiya patsy

Yes.  Should be fine then.  Yep, in sunny Cornwall   

(a lovely hardy fuschia with yellow leaves all summer and red flowers called Genii is a fav of mine.  Tough.  I cut this to the base too)


otnorot but just call me Bill

A Fuschia hedge?You lucky person,that's something that will never happen here.Ours grow in hanging pots and in the fall they can be taken indoors,plus white flies,aphids,pill bugs and a host of other pests.



star gaze lily

Always do mine end march or April, depending on the weather, after ther frosts. Did it slightly later last year because of the weather.

Fuschias grow  wild down here in Cornwall Bill.  We are all experts in growing them here......the hardy ones are indestructible....... with my dog and its  sunneeeeeeee 

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