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I have saved the following seeds from last Summer

Orange Crocosmia   4.10.16

Small Hot Peppers  1.10.16

Yellow Sweet Peppers    24.5.16

I have a conservatory and would like advice on when to start off

Kitty 2

Never done the crocosmia New boy, but the peppers need warmth to germinate and can take a while to get going. I shall be starting mine off in a heated propagator at the end of Jan.

Bob is the expert with peppers, got some good advice from him last year👍, hope he spots your post.

I raise all my seeds in the conservatory too, plenty of light 

I started off my peppers in February in a heated propagator indoors. The GH is frost free but nowhere near warm enough for pepper germination at that time of year. Funny how conservatoríes soon start to fill up

Are you sure you need to grow crocosmia from seed?

It usually bulks up fast enough on its own - many people treat it as a weed! - and it is easy to split if you need more clumps.

I would save the space and time for something more precious

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