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The potty gardener

Some fuchsia plugs arrived. Is it better to plant in 3inch pots and put in basket later on or can I plant them straight in baskets now and keep these inside 'till later on in May?


Sorry to disagree, but it is so much easier to plant up your baskets when the plants are small.  Start at the bottom, and push the foliage through from the inside, then the roots will not be disturbed.  Include watering crystals to the compost as you plant the higher plugs.  Keep your finished creations warm in the greenhouse - or a light but well shaded place until all danger of frost has gone, and keep some dilute washing up spray handy for greenfly!

I have easy - fill baskets (you can get them postage free until Monday from Ideal World - £12.99 for 4 14 inch ones), so I can use garden-ready plugs.

I had some plugs last year, planted them up in pots until they were a lot bigger, and then put them into my baskets.  If they are very tiny plugs, and are going into a big basket, I think I'd pot them on first, I don't think they'll be very happy, surrounded by a big sump of cold compost.  However, if you have a greenhouse, plant them up and hang them in there until risk of frost has gone.

The potty gardener

Thank you everyone.

MMP I use easyfill baskets- have tried some new ones this year.

Sam12 I always put gel and feed crystals in all my baskets thank you.

As I'm using easy fill I'll pop them in pots for a few weeks to get those roots developed.


I brought some fuchsia plugs (10,2 of each )of which I have potted on ,and are on my livingroom window sill, some of them look a tad tall should I snip the top off theses? or let them or let them grow on ? 


It's a good idea to pinch out the tips of plug plants to encourage branching lower down giving you more flowers and bushier plants too. Long tips can be rooted and potted on as new plants too!


I would pinch the tops out John.  Doing that will encourage them to bush out and you'll get more blooms.


Also, dont let any buds grow until you get a big strong plant, pick them off or they will sap the strength out of your plants.

The potty gardener

For any one who doesn't know Lyn really is an expert when it comes to fuchsia.

I bought one for my granddaughter for Easter. Having seen the idea on here I'm going to decorate a pot up for her with it in.

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