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I am looking for a sumac tree for my parents for a Christmas Gift, and seem unable to find where I can get a hold of one! Can anyone point me in the right direction? I have looked on Blooms website and am currently Googling for help.




I hate to be the spoil-sport, but do they, & you, know that after a couple of years it's inclined to throw up suckers everywhere?

Lovely shrub/small tree I agree, but can produce a 'forest' if it so wants. J.

Gary Hobson

I've just posted a photo of mine, on another thread. They can be brilliantly colouful right now...

They can send up a few suckers, but I haven't found that to be a real problem.

Alina W

Having had suckers from a tree two houses away in my front garden I'm afraid that I have to agree with Jo - it can be a real nuisance.



The variey "Dissecta" is on the Home page.

flowering rose

I have sumach that I got from my parents house and they are lovely and they throw suckers to which you can take as cutting they are pretty but they need room to spread their branches.You can cut them back but spoils their look.

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