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Here on the outskirts of York, the hostas haven't yet appeared, but my relatives in Glasgow have theirs showing by several inches- they are in pots though.

Where are you and are yours up?

When do they usually make an appearance?

Monty Don did say the weather has put he garden back 3 week!


Just have the daffys, primulas and pumonarias in bloom at the moment.  Solomons Seal is up by 2 inches.  Everything else is either dead or still asleep!

Morning dizzy lizzy.
Couple of my hostas are in full growth but most only just moving.
It's late season and hostas are tough and will emerge any day.
It's been mild.....relatively....winter down here but still cold spring so just a bit more warmth and everything will catch up

Mine appeared yesterday - I was beginning to get a bit anxious as it's the first time I've grown them in a bed - I have a group of 3 Sum and Substance, and all three have appeared - two of the three Blue Angels have also appeared - I think the third may be obscured by the foliage of a large cyclamen hederifolium that I didn't know was there when I planted the hosta - time will tell.

What I did do yesterday, as soon as I found the little shoots peeking through the soil, was mulch around them with some gritty sand - the slugs and snails left them alone last year but I'd planted them as quite substantial plants - I thoght that the new baby leaves might be a bit more appetising to any marauders so a bit of grit around them might deter them 


Mine in pots are showing now but they are parked in full sun on the southern side of the house and will be moved in the next 2 or 3 weeks to the shadier side.   All my hostas in the ground are to the north side of the house and in a windier, more exposed part which is open on all sides and all of them are still underground with their scarves on.

Be patient and be ready with the wildlife friendly ferrous sulphate slug pellets already scatterd where your hostas will emerge.

My hostas aren't peeping up yet but daffs, primroses and pansys are in ful swing.  Also noticed this morning that seemingly overnight my Snake's head fritillaries have come up and are about to open.  Very exciting as I've not grown these before! Tulips are also on the cusp

This being my first year gardening, I'm loving the anticipation of the full spring explosion! 



Everything seems to be two or three weeks late here in my garden on the outskirts of Nottingham. The growing tips of Hosta are just out of the soil (shady position, windy hillside). In flower at moment - daffodils, primrose, pushkinia, chionodoxa, anemone de Caen, hellebores, erythronium won't be long.


Shropshire lass funny what you said about the fritillaries I was just starting to think where are they, when suddenly they appeared and seemed to be 6 inches tall. No sign of hostas yet. The sense of anticipation you mention never goes however long you garden. At the moment I have to look every day to see what new things are appearing. Bring it on!


In view of this thread have just checked mine and the shoots are there, poking up through the gravel on top of the pots.

I have some new ones that came bare rooted and those to are peeking through 


None of my 65 - 70 hostas are showing yet, but they will - in fact I do hope they will wait a day or two as I hope to clean and redress their pots this weekend!!

I saw tiny shoots of mine peeking through in their pots this past week.

Hi there dizzylizzy! Just popped out to check mine.
I'm in Ripon so not so far from you.
The one in the sunnier spot is through, shoots of about 3/4cm at the most.
There is no sign whatsoever of the one in the shadier spot yet!

Bookertoo - 65-70??  Wow !!  Are they all different ones?

I am quite proud of my collection of 4 !


Hi Dizzy Lizzy,

I'm in north glos and I've got one Solomans seal showing 1" growth and on 2 or 3 tiny green shoots of one of 6 hostas.  My colleagues say they haven't seen theirs yet either - My fingers are still crossed that they are still dormant and not dead we wait and see me thinks



Lose any? they are just spiritied away in the night by the plant fairy in the midst of a cold and damp winter.  Hopefully they've missed ours out of their collection and left them with us.  Bookertoo - 65-70 that's nearly a national collection isn't it - any favourites?

Here's a photo of the ten i got from J Parker's bare root about 7 weeks ago took photo last night. 




I'm in SW France where it should be warmer, but we had an awful winter. My hostas are only just starting to show.

Here in the Midlands, I have still got my hostas in the greenhouse, one is coming up the other is not, I thought I had lost both mine so keep hanging in there and with luck from what others have said they will appear.


Hiha Shirley, best outside now I think. Some varieties are slower than others
I have sum n substance with leaves 5" long now but most others barely showing,shoots. But they will grow fast now

Thanks will get them moved out this weekend as it is so nice.  Grateful for the info.


Mine spend their time in pots in a cool part of the garden summer and winter.  My sum and substance - nothing showing as yet!  I did loose my old Big Daddy a couple of years ago but it was in one of our vile winters P