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Sorry about that glitch;

I have a fig in a pot, and want to plant it out. My detached house, in Sussex 3 miles from the coast,  faces east-west, and is exposed to the west wind. There is some room to plant on the south facing wall, but it is shaded by the house ten feet away. Where should I plant it?

Alina W

Your fig wants the warmest, most sheltered spot that you have. You say that the south wall is shaded - is that all of the time, or just for part of the day?

Well there's a 30' house 10' away, so the sun can't get in directly unless it's the height of summer, like now, most of the time it's shaded. But the fig would get to be planted against a wall, which it wouldn't benefit from in the front or back garden.

Alina W

That's probably your best bet, then. If it doesn't work you can always put it back in a pot and put it somewhere that it likes better.



Figs need to have their roots restricted in order to fruit well, so I suggest that you keep it in a pot and put it against your sheltered wall, training it on vine eyes and wires, or a trellis.  And if the fig isn't happy there, as it's in a pot it's not such a big job to move it

I was bought a very small fig tree this year, read about the root restriction and poor soil encouraging fruiting, but figured I`d be best giving a big pot and good soil for at least a few years to grow it a bit bigger before trying to encourage fruiting


Is the fig related to a date.I germinated three plants this spring and they look exactly like my cucumber plants but they are definite date seeds.What sort of leave are on your fis?

Thank you,


What is the best way to restrict the roots.


Afteroon Figs cant resist em ,if your going to plant a fig in the garden consider a fig root bag,this will save all the hard work Monty did ,they come in different sizes and are not expensive, Its only important to restrict the fig roots for the first 6 to 8 years once the tree is established and is fruiting then the restriction is not required so the experts tell me , IE:   Figs in pots ,dont oversize the pot they dont like it,follow Reads advise and dont forget the early spring Fish blood and bone ,April High Potash for fruit and a small FBB in Noember for the winter kip. and they do like a good drink,   Good luck

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