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Hello, where would be a good place to plant the forsythia cutting my brother gave me last year that appears to have doubled in size in the last couple of months.  Its currently in a 3litre pot and I'm keen to get it into the garden. Any tips are gratefully appreciated for this novice gardener!  With thanks,


A sunny spot is ideal-they flower on wood made this year for flowering next year so do not prune for 12 months.

Alina W

They will also tolerate less sunny positions as long as they get a few hours' sunshine a day - mine has a north-westerly aspect.


At the back of a border because, once they've done the flashy yellow flowering thing in spring, they're desperately dull for the rest of the year.

Hi, thanks for your advice, the space i have available is north / west facing so once all this rain stops I'll get digging! 

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