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Please could anyone recommend a good website for purchasing roses?  I would hate to waste my time and money on rubbish. many thanks

I've bought roses from David Austin and Peter Beales and both were excellent. 

all my roses have come from Austins, and none have dissapointed me


For me Fryer's Roses are the best quality I have ever bought. Really healthy established plants.

Thankyou for your suggestions. Are there any pros/cons re container vs bare rooted ?

Woodgreen wonderboy

Bare rooted are for planting in Autumn (which doesn't arrive until 1 November), and containers at any time . Beware the trap I fell into once when I bought some container roses for planting out in summer only to find they had been potted 5 minutes before. All the soil fell off leaving me with bare rooted plants in high summer.


Container grown as opposed to containerised (as wg wb found) are a lot more expensive than bare root. If you buy from a garden centre in a pot, tip it out to see if its just a bare root packed in peat.

Mail order, I would order bare roots now for delivery November, and meanwhile start to prepare the planting holes.


Bare root are cheaper, though its worth looking in your local garden centre every now and again in case they reduce the prices.

I started a rose bed last year in an attempt top make the garden a little more maintenance free..I overbuy over propagate and over plant haha. I bought my roses in two varieties bare root from Austins. I ordered and planted late Winter too late really. Two of the plants failed. I found Austins to be very helpful, plants were replaced without question. The have all settled well, here in the NE, plenty of new growth plenty of flowers. I'm a happy customer. Their brochure is excellent and they usually have multi buy offers. 

I bought 10 bare root roses from JParkers and 2 out ofthem died after the first year, 3 have a weak and slow growth and the others are good. Whereas every single container grown rose I have bought from Fryer's roses has grown really healthy.

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