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This lovely clematis is growing on someone's garden wall in the village which I pass through nearly every day. I did knock on the door once but their neighbour said they were out, and she didn't know what its name is. I don't want to keep knocking in case they think I am stalking them! So I have taken a photo and hope that someone here will know which variety it is.


The flowers are not big, maybe an inch and a half across. Thanks for looking.


Clematis terniflora possibly.

Maybe take a look at Taylor's Clematis website. They have quite a good selection with useful photos and descriptions.

Thank you so much - I think it could be Summer Snow. But I'm not sure I should be thanking you all for the link to Taylor's - far too many temptations there for me ha!



I'm very tempted by that one - I've got just the spot for it 

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