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I have a small area of semi-woodland at the back of the garden and I'm planting it with shrubs and climbers so there is a good spread of colour and scent throughout the year.At the moment, I am looking for a good Daphne - preferably winter-flowering and hardy, but the Daphne Bohula varieties seem very difficult to obtain and extremely expensive. Can anyone recommend a good hardy winter-flowering one which would thrive in dappled shade, and where is the best place to order one online?

Secondly - anyone recommend a good fragrant compact Viburnum - deciduous, preferably with good autumn leaf colour?

Daphne mezereum makes nice upright plant packed with scent.  The white flowered my preferred choice.

Daphne Somerset Variegata is also highly scented with smaller variegated leaves.  Nice  shrub.

Daphne odora aureomarginata is evergreen ...again highly scented and beautiful yellw edged leaves

I grow all the above plus Eternal Fragrance but this is better in good light I think

Only grow viburnum burkwoodii evergreen without autumn colour so hopefully others will give their opinions on deciduous viburnums



I am a big fan of jaqueline postil for its scent.  Companies like Crocus often do 20% discounts in February, which might make one less pricey.

I was hoping for Jacqueline, chicky, though some of the others do look tempting too. Think I will have to keep my eyes out for a discount offer somewhere, or plump for a cheaper variety!

I do want one which is winter-flowering and fairly hardy - and of course a good scent is vital!

Thanks to Verdun, Chicky and Dovefromabove for your input and suggestions

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