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Ive never grown Delphiniums before and I fancy sowing some seeds this spring. But im unsure which veriety to buy. Crocus have the Centurian Blue F1 which look nice, but they are £5 for 10 seeds. 

So im after some advice on which Delphiniums people here have grown well from seed?


Open pollinated ones are cheaper but what you get is in the lap of the gods-an F1 will do what is says on the packet

It depends what you want

Incidentally you are unlikely to get them in flower for this year-but they will do next year


Ahh, didnt realise they wouldnt flower this year, thanks. So are they bi-annual like Foxgloves?


Now they are perennials- but are unlikely to flower in the first year the later the sowing and we are getting into that period


Ok, thanks. Perhaps I'll sow some seeds for next year, but also buy some plants for this year. 

Thanks geoff



I haven't the room for great big delphiniums but I usually grow a dwarf variety  delphinium chinensis blue butterfly (as an annual) from seed. It flowers the first year and does best in pots.

trying a new one this year naudicaule red fox


both are quite small, supposed to be perennial but I've not managed to get the blue one through winter yet,,,they look great in pots.


I have grown delphiniums from seed from packet called "Blue Mountains" - they were not F1's but all came up various shades of blue - they were from one of the main seed suppliers (unwins/suttons/T&M - can't remember which, but they were from a GC). 

Mine did not flower when you would expect them to in the first year, but a few flowered in September.  They all bloomed in May/June the following year, and are still going strong (yr 4).  They are not the monster tall ones - about 4 feet.

Hope you have success - delphs are my all time favourite !


Sorry - got the name wrong - they were "Blue Fountains"


By chance I was going through my seed tin today and came accross some Delphinuim seeds given to me by a neighbour in 2008 that I had forgotten about. Who reckons they will be any good? They have been kept dry but im unsure..


LeadFarmer, theres no harm in trying, I've sowed some foxglove seeds that were meant to be sown by 2005 last year (given to me by an old bloke I know) and some grew, some didn't, but it's worth having a go and much cheaper than buying them in shops

Oakley Witch
I planted giant paciffic in oct last year and have loads left. Your welcome to some if you want? They are tall blue, white, lilacy colours. They are a mix. Im not sure if mine will flower this year but they are standing at about 10-12 inches in 8 inch pots. If you would like me your address an I will get them to you

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