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Hi there - I have a large conifer hedge in my garden and a flower bed in front of it, that is currently bare. The flowerbed gets full sun sometimes and shade at other times (depending on time of day/year). I need an evergreen shrub, preferably a flowering one (time of year for flowering not important), that will look nice at a height of about 1 metre - this is to hide the bits of the conifer hedge that have gone brown! I live on the coast, so it gets a bit windy sometimes, but it is not an exposed location as such. As you can probably tell, I am a complete beginner at gardening! Any advice would be very welcome. Thanks .

Salino's one I grow that is currently just over a metre tall after about 3 years...

..very hardy...tough...easy to buy, and suitable for seaside and drought - unfortunately we also see it in in plantings around car it's nothing unusual...but we needn't worry about that..

in full bloom now... Olearia x haastii....



or one of the hebes.


Escallonia? It's happy on the coast and easy to keep to a reasonable size. Flowers early summer.

Hi Salino, nutcutlet and Fairygirl - thanks so much for responding so quickly! Very much appreciated. And thanks for taking the time to upload the photo too, Salino! I look forward to investigating these suggestions. Really nice to know there are people out there willing to offer advice


Sarah, sarcoccoca ...sweet box....will grow very well there.  Scent in late winter from an evergreen compact shrub is wonderful.  Choisyas too....both green and yellow forms...provide scent in spring for quite a long time.  these are lovely shiny leaved compact shrubs with bay scented foliage.

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