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I thought my lobelias were all the same variety until they started flowering, I have found the labels, one is 'cardinalis Queen Victoria' the other is 'Russian Princess'. Brut can anyone tell me which is which? Thank you.



Queen Victoria is the one with red flowers and dark foliage


Queen Victoria is the bright red one


BTW slugs and snails love to eat them!



The slugs n snails seem to have kept away, but any idea what this damage is to one of the Q.Vics? 



Scorch perhaps, i.e. water on the leaves in hot sun

......and queen Victoria needs more moisture.  I grow it in my pool, for example.


I try not to water in hot sun but guess I must be guilty as charged, Fleurisa.

Yep Verdun, it could be doing much better than it is and again I could be doing better as well... but can also live with it doing ok rather than fab... I do like it where it is but will consider moving it next year to somewhere damper or watering more where it is.  OOO I could build a pool around it, solve all issues in one fell swoop.

Yes,but doing fab is sooooooo much better than just ok!!!


Agreed, 'working towards' fab. Off to water now, lots of watering!


I had three good clumps of Queen Victoria in different situations. One of them was eaten at an early stage. The other two were growing healthily and had reached two feet tall. I was looking forward to their display but a couple of days after my heart sank when I discovered only one surviving stem! The others, about two dozen stems, had been eaten from the top down. All the leaves had been eaten and also the red skin of the stems. I coudn't find anything on the remaining stems. Any one have any idea what caused this?


slugs and / or snails would be my No1 culprits Jo.

Definitely slugs or snails Jo 

i found they were more susceptible if they wilted when short of water

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