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I plan to grow an Agapanthus in a clay pot with 6 "portholes" round the sides.. Which plants could I use as colourful supplements round the sides? The pot will be on the ground, so preferably not pendulous plantrs.

Emma Crawforth

Hello northchiel,

aubrietas come to mind. They enjoy free-draining soil like agapanthus, and are capable of growing out 'sideways' forming a nice clump. If you find them getting too pendulous, they are very easy to trim. I used to have them in my old garden, but don't in my current garden, which is making me think I must get some myself!

Emma team

Many thanks , Emma! What a great idea. Like you, I'm very fond of Aubretia so I'll get cracking!!

I fill my strawberry planter with trailing lobelia it looks lovely.
Wessex Wellies

I've got Pansys in mine at the moment.

Forget-me-nots looked lovely in it last year too.

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